Get to know our products - support materials for installers

When you think about the life span of an Oras faucet we are practically speaking about tens of years. This is something we need to consider when we are dealing with the product information

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Hygiene, safety and sustainability in focus: tips for choosing the faucet

Do you work in an institution that has special concerns and responsibility for patients, residents, co-workers and the environment? Read on for five essential tips for choosing right sanitary...

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Renewed Oras Vega: New features and functions you should be aware of

Oras Vega faucets have been an iconic part of Oras product range since 1998. However, Oras Vega’s history goes all the way back 1976, when Oras created their first water and energy-saving faucet....

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Oras tools – making your work easier

910011 - Key 13 mm, special key for Oras 3S installation


As we are already preparing for the coming autumn and the installation season of water fittings, it is good to recall some installation...

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Right usage and installation of Safira summer cottage faucet

Oras Safira faucets with water heater, specially designed for summer houses, offer added comfort and luxury to your summer cottage. There are two models available, one for kitchen (1023F) and one...

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Do you have the correct type of batteries in your Oras battery-operated faucet?

Oras battery-operated faucets require Lithium batteries, which can be recognized by the expressions ‘Lithium’ and ‘FR6’ in the battery package. Alkaline batteries should not be used, as the...

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