As per the overall digitalization, the manufacturer industry really needs to stay ahead of the game with the offering for digitalized ways of working. In this article we will have a look on how Building Information Modelling (BIM) is taken into consideration at Oras.

Bim-object-3d-3-860x480Majority of Oras novelties come with BIM-data

We as a manufacturer are not only producing physical products, namely faucets, but our offering also consists of the informative and supportive aspect, such as providing technical support for dealing with the product installations and maintenance, knowledge of the materials used in the products, and sustainability – just to name a few. BIM-objects are just another dimension to these services – and when it comes to the usage of BIM-objects, the role of product geometries and product information is pivotal.


Visualization of the product in three Levels of Details (LODs)

As faucets come along in rather late stages of the construction project, the amount of the data within the project design programs is already enormous. Therefore, the size of the files related to the faucets should be reasonable to handle. The size of the file can be adjusted by selecting the needed level of detail for the project. Therefore, we are offering three levels of details: LOD 100, LOD 300, and LOD 500.

With BIM data you can visualize the planned spaceWith BIM data you can visualize the planned space


Useful product data included in BIM-files

When it comes to the BIM-object there are certain elements needed for more efficient work, like availability of the data. We can however consider the availability of the information (at least) from two aspects:

  1. The portfolio of the products with BIM is extensive enough and serves the needs of the professionals
  2. Each BIM-object offers necessary information about the product itself
    • product features
    • recommended applications
    • certificates and approvals
    • technical attributes

Each BIM-object offers necessary information about the product itself

As stated, the plain visualization is not enough – it should be accompanied with information of the product in question. The information can be categorized information about the product such as which type of faucet we are talking about (e.g. washbasin faucet, kitchen faucet); or it might relate to the characteristics or performance of the product e.g. flow rate. We hardly would do anything with just the image of the faucet without knowing for example the product number and its suitability for the premises it is planned for.


Majority of Oras novelties come with BIM-data

As part of the new product development the need for the BIM-files is always considered, and in most of the cases the BIM-data is acquired. When it comes to the current product portfolio, quite a reasonable portfolio of BIM-objects is already available.

BIM data is available in different file formatsBIM data is available in multiple different file formats



To find BIM-data of our products, go to Oras Materialbank. From the material bank, search for the products you need and add these to the download collection. Once you have a ready selection, you can download the basket (.zip) or send a link to your or your colleague’s email.

Find all Oras BIM files here

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