Designer Kirsi Svärd reveals the formula behind the ultimate faucet design


For 75 years, Oras has set the bar for high-quality design that utilizes advanced technology to develop user-friendly and sustainable faucet solutions. One of Finland’s leading designers, Kirsi...

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Why saving water is important and what can you do about it?


Recent years have proven just how vulnerable we are when supply of something we take for granted becomes limited. In our part of the world, water scarcity is perhaps not a pressing matter, but...

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A beautiful and functional home adapts to the lives of its inhabitants: four tips for the kitchen and bathroom


The most successful solutions seem obvious when introduced. For instance, faucets with an attractive, functional and ecological design have found their way into countless homes. Functional and...

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Thinking about upgrading your home? Here’s 3 inspiring trends to consider


Are you moving into a new house or just want to make some refreshing changes to your home? There’s a lot of decorating tips out there and many interior trends to consider. However, don’t feel...

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Oras Bidetta – a Finnish National Treasure


Back in 1968, a Finnish engineer at Oras got a marvelous idea to develop a hand shower for bathrooms to help people in their everyday life. 

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Oras Esteta Wellfit put to the test by triathletes Kaisa Sali and Michelle Vesterby


Our brand new shower system Oras Esteta Wellfit provides the possibility to enjoy the renowned hot and cold water therapy in your own home. Hot and cold water therapy is well-known for its medical...

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