Oras Bidetta – a Finnish National Treasure

Back in 1968, a Finnish engineer at Oras got a marvelous idea to develop a hand shower for bathrooms to help people in their everyday life. 

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Oras Esteta Wellfit put to the test by triathletes Kaisa Sali and Michelle Vesterby

Our brand new shower system Oras Esteta Wellfit provides the possibility to enjoy the renowned hot and cold water therapy in your own home. Hot and cold water therapy is well-known for its medical...

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A hot and cold answer to everyday stress

Weekdays... With ever-growing to do-lists and sky-rocketing stress levels, stress-neck, sore feet and muscles are never far away.

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Triathlonist Kaisa Sali – Hot-cold water therapy stimulates, relaxes, and helps recovery

I’ve been using a variety of hot and cold treatments ever since I began doing sports. From my childhood footballing days, for instance, I remember how much a highly fragrant liniment warmed up the...

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Keep your faucet sparkling clean

Whether it is in the bathroom or a kitchen, a clean faucet is important to the overall freshness perception of the room. But cleaning is also maintenance. Make sure you clean it right, and the...

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4 easy ways to save water in the shower

Showering is one of the main sources to water waste from private residents. Small changes to your daily routine you can save huge amounts of water, without compromising on personal hygiene. On the...

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