Find out about small changes that can already help you save huge amounts of water, without compromising on comfort or personal hygiene. 


Our planet needs sustainable change on a global scale. So, what does it matter if you sort your trash at home, eat a bit less meat and save a few drops of water every day?  

We believe that every drop counts. Every faucet. Every shower. Every action. That’s why we set focus on concrete actions that each one of us can take – from adopting more sustainable habits to installing water saving features that help us reduce water usage. Whether that’s in our kitchen, during our bathroom routine or under the shower. Being economic in terms of our everyday water consumption is a crucial part of any ECO-conscious mindset.

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Why saving water is important  

Using less water: 
  • conserves water resources 
  • reduces the amount of chemicals used for water treatment and purification 
  • reduces the energy needed for pumping and distributing water 
  • conserves vast amounts of energy needed for heating water 
  • reduces the amount of chemicals used for wastewater treatment 
  • reduces wastewater discharges 
  • can lead to significant savings on your utility bills. 

How to save water


Water efficiency is all about conscious consumption of resources to reduce unnecessary wastage. Still, most of us waste a lot more water than we need to. At Oras, we believe that with small changes in your daily routine you can already save huge amounts of water, without compromising on personal hygiene or your shower experience.  

 Whether you’re looking for simple tweaks to make your daily routine more resource-efficient or thinking of upgrading your home with the latest water-saving fixtures, here are five easy ways to save water: 

1. Take shorter showers. Yes, the duration of the shower has a direct effect on water usage. An ordinary shower uses around 12 liters of water per minute. In other words, if you reduce your daily shower from 10 minutes to 5, you'll cut your water consumption with 22 thousand liters every year. For a family of four, this would save more than 87 thousand liters of water a year. 

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2. Change your habits. There are many ways you can reduce your water consumption without making major changes. For example, when in the shower, water often runs longer than it has to. Do you tend to turn the shower on and leave the water running, waiting for it to heat up? And do you turn the water off while soaping or shaving or do you continue letting it run? Habits like these can easily eat up major portions of your daily energy and water use.


At Oras, we know that to make changes, we need to first become aware of it. And that’s not always easy. That’s why we designed a digital hand shower with an integrated display, enabling you to track your water and energy usage in real-time to form more sustainable routines everyday life.

3. Consider low-flow showers in your home. There’s no doubt that showering is an important part of everyday life. So what if your shower used less water without you even noticing? That’s exactly what low-flow features do. By lowering the amount of water released per minute, low-flow features enable you to conveniently save small amounts of water every day. Whereas the standard hand shower uses an average of 12 liters/minute, a low-flow showerhead like Oras Apollo Eco hand shower limits the water flow to only 7 liters/minute. That's 25 liters saved for every five minutes of showering. 



4. Go for touchless faucets: One of the easiest ways to help reduce your annual water consumption is by switching to smart automatic faucets. When washing your hands, the water flow stops automatically while applying soap or scrubbing. Smart integrated sensors detect your hand movements and nothing else, which means water only flows when you need it. 


5. Look out for ECO features: An alternative for the touchless faucets is choosing faucets with in-built water limiters. As an example, Oras Vega faucetsfeature a convenient eco-button, which makes it easier than ever to save water and energy. When you need to increase the water flow, you can simply press the eco-button and simultaneously lift the lever. In the washbasin faucets, the eco-button is also a safety factor, as it limits the water temperature. This child-friendly hot water lock function prevents scalding, making it safe and easy to use for families with children. 

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When in the shower or washing your hands, the water often runs for longer than it has to. Yet, water is one of the most valuable resources we have. Oras products are designed to run environmentally friendly and reliably for the entire duration of their long-life cycle.  


Read more about Oras’ water saving touchless faucetshere.




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