Quality is in the details in the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki


The new children's hospital in Helsinki started its operations in September 2018, and both the premises and the technology are world class. Each detail has been carefully designed according to its...

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Spotlight on hygiene – Oras chosen for ultra-modern hospital in Sweden


Helsingborgs Lasarett is undergoing a total transformation and the refit is in full swing. There are many factors to take into account when planning a hospital that has to be highly functional and...

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The Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin with Oras products


Oras products are ideally suited for private homes and public buildings such as the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, which has been equipped with modern and functional sanitary...

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Oslo Airport chooses Oras again - Quality and reliability crucial


Touchless solutions from Oras Norway were chosen when Oslo Airport was extended 20 years ago, and chosen again for Terminal 2 when it was officially opened 27th of April 2017. “We are indeed very...

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Swedbank Head Office, Vilnius, Lithuania


The modern office building consists of two 15 and 16 story structures and of a third lower structure, comprising of two blocks. The streamlined office building includes Swedbank head office and...
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Shopping center Galeria Korona, Poland


Shopping center Galeria Korona, a modern landmark built near the city center in Kielce, Poland, is one of the many Oras' smart faucet references in 2012.

The construction project started in 2007...

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