How SMART faucets promote hygiene in health and care facilities

Now more than ever, hospitals and elder care homes have safety at the top of their agenda. Planners and installers can help by offering SMART sanitary solutions that prevent contamination and...

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5 easy ways to help your customer find the right faucet

You’re in a hurry and so is your customer. Here’s how you can help them choose the right faucet – and be sure they call you for all their plumbing needs.

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Mobile Product Information – quicker access to relevant product data

Oras has taken an effort to answer to the needs of the mobile work of the installers with a mobile solution. The Mobile Product Information (MPI) is offering a handy user interface to different...

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What is the modern consumer looking for when choosing faucets?

As consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, their preferences for faucet features change. Here are what modern consumers look for when choosing faucets for their household.

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Get to know our products - support materials for installers

When you think about the life span of an Oras faucet we are practically speaking about tens of years. This is something we need to consider when we are dealing with the product information

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Hygiene, safety and sustainability in focus: tips for choosing the faucet

Do you work in an institution that has special concerns and responsibility for patients, residents, co-workers and the environment? Read on for five essential tips for choosing right sanitary...

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