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Mechanic, electronic and remote dishwasher valves. What’s the difference and what does that mean for your installation? 


In multiple European countries, it has become mandatory to guarantee secure and visible shut-off valves. That's why many modern faucets integrate dishwasher valve functionalities that are built into the fitting – via mechanical switches on the faucet or an electronically operated push button.  

However, installers also encounter the task of retrofitting older fixtures to ensure they comply with new building regulations. In that case, remote dishwasher valves could be the solution.  

Find out about the main differences between mechanical, electronic and remote dishwasher valves and learn how you can ensure a quick and smooth installation.



From separate units to integrated features


Originally, shut-off valves would be installed as a separate valve under the sink [double spindle angle valve].  

This setup, however, is quite impractical for both installers and end users as access under the sink is limited and doesn’t allow for much space to move around. 


Mechanical dishwasher valves – Relocating the shut-off switch onto the faucet


That’s why, as a first innovation step, many modern faucets feature a third connection hose leading from the fitting to the dishwasher.  

Featuring a mechanical shut-off valve, they open and close the ceramic sealing disks through an integrated switch (see numbers 9 and 10 in image below). 



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Example: Oras Safira (1039)


What to keep in mind for installation? 

There may be different connection sizes ½" & ¾", depending on which country you’re located in. 


What’s the main advantage? 

This setup allows you to conveniently switch the water supply on and off – without having to crawl underneath the sink. 



Electronic shut-off valves via one simple “push” 


A new generation of electronically operated faucets allows users to send an impulse via a simple "push button" on the electronically operated solenoid valve (see images below)   


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Number 11: Push-button                                     Electronic shut-off valve                        Oras Inspera Comfort+ (Art.nr. 3031F )


What to keep in mind for installation? 

Keep in mind that this variant requires additional cables to ensure a stable power supply – either via a power unit supply, if a socket is available, or a battery-powered control unit.  

It also requires you to attach an electronically controlled solenoid valve onto the cold-water inlet before the connection hose/pipe continues. 


What’s the main advantage? 

The electronic valve closes automatically after each flushing interval and allows you to individually set the opening time of the valve according to your preferences. 



Getting smarter with remote dishwasher valves  


Remote dishwasher valves come as flexible buttons that can be attached anywhere in the kitchen, independently of the fitting. Like electronic dishwasher valves, they send a pulse from the transmitter to the receiver on the solenoid valve. The most modern sensors, for example, can be operated via Bluetooth. 


What to keep in mind for installation? 

The remote dishwasher valve is extremely flexible and can be retrofitted into any fixture. The only thing you need to check is the power source. If a power source is available, the retrofit solution can be implemented via a power supply unit, otherwise alternatively via a battery-operated control unit (Item no. 272100 ). 



What’s the main advantage? 

A major advantage of the remote button is that the design of the faucet isn’t affected by the shut-off function. That means: the design of the faucet can stand for itself and the function of shutting off the device can be conveniently carried out from anywhere in the kitchen.  

The remote button also allows you to set an automatic closing after flushing is completed.

For faucets with an electronic dishwasher valve or solenoid valve, make sure to install a fine filter to protect the solenoid valve. A filter is included in your product package. 

Remote dishwasher valves can be a great solution to the common challenge of retrofitting old fixtures to comply with new building restrictions. As they can be flexibly and easily installed into almost any setting, they are completely independent of the fitting’s design and offer great potential for new, additional functions via Bluetooth connectivity.  


At Oras, we continuously examine smart and convenient extra functionalities as part of our product development. 

Check your country’s building requirements 

(Countries with "Partly" are voluntary countries) 

ORAS countries 




































Eastern Europe 




Read more about the benefits of our remote dishwasher valves

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