Oras Remote dishwasher valve – operation and useful service tips

The Oras electronic remote valve consists of a Smart Press Pad, control unit and electronic valve. The valve is remote controlled which means that it doesn´t need to be placed directly next to the...

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Oras Bluebox – simple, basic structure and easy to install

 Oras Bluebox installation is easy, safe and clean. It is suitable for all sub-surfaces and can be installed in all installation systems and situations.  It is a re-developed standard system for...

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Oras Inspera – what’s new?

Oras Inspera is a complete collection of modern bathroom and kitchen faucets for all spaces. In principle, this collection has the same technical characteristics as existingOras collections but...

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New Oras Inspera: Aesthetics, functionality and sustainability

Good product design is about more than good looks. It is about how high performance and functionality is enhanced by the product's shape and features, and how it all works together to support the...

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Tips for the installation of remote operated Oras Smart Bidetta

The remote operated Oras Smart Bidetta works by pressing the hand shower trigger. You no longer have to reach for the washbasin faucet. The Oras Smart Bidetta saves water, is easy to use and...

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Things you need to know about Oras Bidetta – questions and answers

Oras washbasin faucet solutions with Oras Bidetta hand shower enable water to flow from washbasin faucet to a separate Bidetta hand shower, usually located next to the toilet. 

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