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Looking for shower panels? For your next project, make sure you know the main features to find the right fit for your building's requirements.

You may wonder which shower panel to get for your next project. Not only coming in different designs but also offering various functions, choices are wide.

Whether you’re installing shower panels in a gym, in schools or a housing cooperative, make sure you answer these 3 essential questions to find the right fit for your application.


Shower panels

1. Manual vs. automatic shower panels?


Shower panels are known for their easy-to-clean and easy-to-operate-character, which is why they are a common go-to solution for public bathrooms, such as gym showers or swimming halls.

However, there are variations. Not just in terms of ease of use or cleaning required, but also in terms of water and energy consumed.

Whereas manual shower panels, for example, are the cheaper solution, they are also more prone to misuse and water overconsumption.

That’s why, if water use is a priority in your project, touchless shower panels may be the better choice. By only activating the water when needed, the building can save huge amounts of water. In fact, touchless showers can cut down water consumption by up to 50%.


By using touchless shower panels, a building can cut water use in half.


2. Fixed power supply vs. battery-operated shower panels?


If you’ve set your eyes on a touchless shower panel solution, make sure to check and locate the nearest power source available for your installation.

If there’s a power supply nearby, fixed transformer shower panels are a great choice. They ensure a stable and strong energy supply and can withstand heavy use in busy environments.

 You can choose between two fixed power options:

  • FTW model with a transformer: A maximum of four showers can be connected to one transformer at a time, making them a popular choice in public spaces, e.g., showers in schools, sports halls and swimming pools or housing cooperatives.
  • FTX model with a bus transformer: A maximum of ten showers can be connected to the bus transformer at a time, making them particularly popular for large-scale projects.


    More information can be found here.


Other times, your next job may include a renovation project and power sources may not always be available. In that case, we recommend going for battery-driven shower panels.

Shower panels, operating on lithium batteries, are a common picture in offices, small gyms and other medium-sized semi-public spaces and can be the perfect choice for bathrooms with moderate use of the showers.



3. Basic vs. advanced features?


Different projects have different requirements. And for many, e.g., small public bathrooms, a simple standard solution will do. Larger-scale or more complex projects, however, may require additional smart features to ensure showers and pipes can be cleaned and maintained in the easiest way possible.

Features, such as automatic flushing times, are crucial to schedule the flushing of the pipes when showers are not in use and to meet standards on water quality and water safety.

Shower panels come with multiple configurations and additional features. It could come with pre-mixed water or require extra features, such as a temperature regulator or an additional hand shower.


No matter the size or application of your next project, always pay attention to your project’s specifications and contact one of our specialists, when in doubt.


Find more information about touchless shower panels or get in touch.



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