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From digital product finders and product comparisons to QR codes and promising AR technology, here’s how installers can make Oras’ digital tools a vital part of their daily work routine.

You might be familiar with our Oras apps already. Perhaps, you’ve even checked out more of our digital tools while searching for and comparing products online. Navigating new digital tools, however, can be overwhelming and finding the right technology that saves time prior to and during installation can take hours of research. 

That’s why, we gathered the most important  Oras digital tools in one place to help you make the most of what’s out there.   



Product finders, video guides, advanced search and comparison tools 

  • Find products quickly and access relevant product information: A product finder helps installers gather all relevant product information in one place. You can search by product category, keywords, product names or numbers and gain quick and simple access to guides, data sheets and 3D models.  
  • Learn more about installation and maintenance in our video library: By accessing our video library, you can browse through a variety of tutorials on installation and maintenance and quickly learn about new product functionalities.  
  • Search for products and spare parts through advanced filters: Search filters allow installers to quickly filter products by category and narrow their search down to a precise selection of product parts.
  • Easily compare products online: By makings use of our comparison view, you can quickly save products in your bookmarks and get a better overview of the selected products. 

QR codes for easy product identification 

Product packaging with integrated QR codes help installers scan their products with their smartphones or tablets. Instead of searching for product leaflets and instructions in old registers, they are linked directly to relevant product information, installation and maintenance guides online.  


Oras virtual showrooms for inspiration 

By using our virtual showroom, you can preview a variety of faucet models in a virtual space and help customers discover the latest of our Oras faucet designs.  

This saves lots of time previously spent on guiding customers through product novelties as they can now browse through the latest additions to the portfolio and playfully learn about novel models before making a purchase decision.


3D visual representation with AR technology 

Augmented reality is the newest of all technologies and helps installers visualise and position different faucet models in an interactive 3D view.

Oras_3D_view_milieu (1)

You can access the interactive view via our App or our website. To enter the product view via a product page, simply follow 4 easy steps:   

  1. Select a model on the product page and enter the interactive 3D product view. 
  2. Activate the AR function and scan the QR code with a mobile device.  
  3. Use the camera of a mobile device and point to an even surface until the product appears. 
  4. You can now view the selected model from different angles and distances by using your mobile device as if it were a magnifying glass. Each product is displayed on a real scale. That way, you can ensure the right match between faucet and the overall dimensions of the intended installation area. 


For many of your customers, it may be hard to visualise the faucet in its intended position. And even if visualised via floorplans and other representations, it’s often not enough to judge from pictures how different fittings blend with the overall environment of the rest of the room – both in style and functionality.  


With the expansion of virtual showrooms, AR technology and instructional training videos we can expect more and more digital services to help installers save valuable time before and during installations.  

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