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Are you looking to replace your old shower system with a more modern look or simply plan to update your shower head with the latest features on the market? Too often, we get overwhelmed by the load of choices available to us. Here’s a best-of-list of our showers to help you find the model and shower features you were looking for. 


You may be looking for extra safety, eco-functions to save water or simply a modern design. Ideally, we want a mix of everything. The right enough water flow for a comfortable shower experience, an elegant modern design, and a safe shower experience for everyone in our household – old and young.  

But are there any shower faucets that are the most popular ones among private homeowners? Which are the best-selling models? Which are best in price? And which are best in style? Which are best for saving resources? And which shower system is best to guarantee the highest level of safety?  

 Here’s our best-of-showers list to help you narrow down your choice and find the best shower for your needs.

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Best for saving resources  


For a quick hand shower upgrade, the Oras Apollo is a common choice among water-conscious consumers. Featuring an integrated EcoFlow Control option, it allows you to select a resource-friendly water flow and reduce water consumption by up to 50 per cent1. 

If you further want to track consumption in real-time and adjust your shower routine on the go, you can update your setup with a digital hand shower. It provides you with real-time feedback via a built-in LED display and integrated light, which changes colour according to water usage when you shower for a little too long. You can flexibly adjust the time for the red light to appear in our connected Oras App.  


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If you’re looking to monitor your consumption over time, you can connect the hand shower to the app and become even smarter about your everyday shower routine or compare your water consumption with the community of all digital hand shower users.

Read more about how much you can save with the right water-saving technology.


Best for safety  


When it comes to finding the right solution for the entire family, safety and ease-of-use should take centre stage. Here, you should have a detailed look at the entire shower system and to combine ergonomic design with intelligent safety features. For example, one of our most popular choices for families is the Oras Optima, coming with several safety features. 

Avoid scalds caused by hot water  

Sudden water temperature changes are a common source of injury in the bathroom, and a key concern for parents of small children as well as elderly people.  

 That’s why, when selecting a thermostatic faucet for your shower setup, make sure it comes with automatic temperature adjustments features, which prevent hot water from flowing, e.g., if the cold-water outlet is blocked.  

 Additional temperature handles equipped with a safety stop at 38°C can further limit potential accidents caused by accidentally turning the water temperature handle up too high. 

Anti-scalding surfaces 

Anti-scalding surfaces are another essential safety feature in the family bathroom. To ensure that surfaces are always at a comfortable temperature to touch, check if the thermostat has a double housing.  

 It creates a thermal separation between the brass body and the ABS cover that avoids the housing from heating up to minimise the risk of burn injuries. 


Best for wellness  


If you’re looking for spa-like water treatments at the touch of a button, going for the Oras Esteta Wellfit shower system can be the perfect choice.  

 An optional built-in Wellfit feature allows you to select between three regeneration programmes, each designed to offer hot and cold-water sprays at different intervals which you can personalise according to your preferences via the HANSA App.  

 Explore different spray options here. 

 You can easily integrate the Oras Esteta into your existing shower setup, as it features a large product range that helps you choose between a shower system with or without rain shower functionality and take your pick from hand showers for the shower and bath – with or without the innovative Wellfit feature. 


Best in design  


If you’re dreaming of a more unique shower design, consider faucet models with different coating options. Matt black editions, for example, are already a common feature in modern bathrooms and create an elegant look and feel.  





As one of our best-sellers, the Oras Nova is designed for the modern cross-generational bathroom and offers a wide collection of ergonomic, easy-to-use, and safe showers fit for every purpose.  

 With various models to choose from, it’s the perfect choice if you’re not sure whether to upgrade your current set-up with a new shower head or whether to give your bathroom a complete rehaul.   

 It can be easily integrated into your existing bathroom setup, no matter whether you’re looking for a rain shower system, a combination of bath and shower thermostats or a complete shower set. 


40138_Hansa_Micra (1).jpgFinding a shower that blends perfectly with the surroundings of your bathroom is one thing. But finding one that is tailored to your and your family’s needs is another. Each with their own benefits, our showers are designed to help you achieve the best match possible – no matter whether that’s saving water, increasing wellness or extra safety.  

Explore our best of showers at a glance:  



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