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The kitchen is the heart of the home and at the top of the list when it comes to home improvements. But what improvements are adding the most value?

Contractors and designers suggest that kitchens should be renovated every 10-15 years – or once you begin to notice significant wear to countertops, floors or appliances. Not only does this make your kitchen more comfortable and useable, it also adds value to your home. In fact, many Europeans will renovate their kitchen to increase their home’s value before selling, as statistics show that kitchen remodels deliver a solid return on investment.

Here are 3 key measures you can take to get the best value from your kitchen remodel

  1. Go for durable and eco-friendly solutions
  2. Get smarter
  3. Update design and décor



1. Go for durable and eco-friendly solutions

Energy and water savings are top of mind for Europeans, especially as more government policies and initiatives support eco-friendly solutions. As 61% of European consumers are concerned about the environmentestate agents recommend installing energy-efficient appliances along with water-efficient faucets.

Dedicated eco-friendly faucets are a great way to conveniently reduce your everyday water consumption – often, without you even noticing. By operating on a lower flow rate than most conventional models, they release less water per wash while still guaranteeing enough water pressure for you to proceed with your daily kitchen routine.

Additional mechanical Eco functionalities, such as Cold Start features for example, automatically set the lever starting position on cold water for simple day-by-day operations. That way, water only heats up when needed.

Further faucets with integrated Eco Buttons enable you flexibly switch between low and full water flow, which can be of great value if your main goal is to cut energy costs.

Finally, make sure to go for quality. Strikingly durable faucets from brands known for quality are a good way to signal sustainability as they will last longer and reduce waste.


2. Get smarter

The concept of a Smart Home might have been making the rounds for quite some time, as homes around the world are getting more technologically-advanced every day. The smart home appliances market is anticipated to reach $57.64 billion by 2025 – a sixfold increase in the last decade alone.

Leading this steep growth, smart products are forecast to make up a significant share of household appliances and several high-tech smart devices have already been making their way into our kitchens: fridges, microwaves, pressure cookers and even wine coolers – all packed with unique and useful functions for a well-functioning kitchen.

This also includes a new generation of smart faucets that take hygiene, comfort and safety to the next level. Touchless features are not only a great way to save water and energy, but they also ensure you don’t touch the faucet with dirty hands while you cook or bake.


Hybrid kitchen faucets, like the Oras Optima allow you to choose between operating the faucet via the standard lever or going all in on the touchless features.

The flexible hose of the Oras Optima comes in particularly handy for washing larger pots and other demanding kitchen tasks, while a built-in temperature display starts blinking when the water gets hot, so you can reduce the risk of burns and ensure extra safety for you and your family.


Hybrid smart kitchen faucets have many features that improve your kitchen’s overall functionality


3. Updated design and décor 

Inevitably, the patterns and materials used in any kitchen will go out of style. New flooring and countertops will immediately refresh a kitchen and make it look modern. Replacing an old, leaky faucet with a new design can be the icing on the cake.


Slender, elegant and modern designs like the Oras Optima or matt black faucets, for example, can bring more elegance into your kitchen and catch the eye of homeowners and homebuyers alike.

These are just a few of the many smart and sustainable kitchenware items out there – a mix of what combines useful features with incredible technology. Why not invest in products that make the kitchen safer, cleaner and easier to work in?


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