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Having safety top of mind when picking out or upgrading your fixtures can be key for reducing the risk of injuries happening in the bathroom. By ensuring safe water temperatures, eliminating the risk of scalding, picking out a safe design and making it easy to move around, you can rest assured that your family – young and old – is a little bit safer. Follow our top 5 tips for a safe bathroom environment.


Let’s face it, the occasional scalding or slip has happened to us all, young and old; and if you’re living with children or seniors, bathroom safety measures are probably especially important to you. Creating a safe environment in the bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated, and by making it safer, it also becomes more comfortable for everyone.


1. Hot and cold – Control the temperature

Do you know that moment when the water suddenly turns steaming hot just in the middle of your shower? This is a common source of injury in many homes, and it is uncomfortable to say the least. Luckily, scalding can be prevented with the right shower. A shower thermostat will block the hot water when the cold water stops flowing, keeping the water from causing a scalding injury.  An additional hot water lock can limit the water temperature to 38 °C. This way you’re guaranteed that the water is always comfortable to the touch, and there’s no risk of accidentally turning the temperature up too high. Depending on the model of the faucet, the temperature is fixed during installation or can be bypassed when in use through a separate temperature booster button that activates higher temperatures.


Oras also offers washbasin faucets with an integrated hot water lock and functionality, making it safe and easy to use for families with children.


2. Pre-set the temperature on your faucet

With a touchless faucet, you can go even further. A touchless faucet is pre-set to the desired temperature at the time of installation. So if you have kids, you can make sure they don’t risk scalding themselves with hot water by pre-setting the faucet to the temperature that fits your family.

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3. Avoid burning

Another common cause of injury can be an extra hot faucet surface, leading to stinging burns. To keep every member of the family safe, make sure you go for a ThermoCool thermostat like Oras Nova that comes with a double housing design. Due to the design of the double layered housing, the surface of the thermostat is always at a comfortable temperature to touch.


4. Choose a safe design

Design can also play a major role in creating a safe bathroom environment. Whether its rounded edges or ease of use, some design features are safer than others. An ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and comfortable to grip is beneficial for both kids and seniors. Our Oras CARE line of faucets offers a range of such safety features, including design with rounded edges, easy to grip levers/handles, safe and intuitive operation of thermostats, as well as clear hot an cold water marks.




5. Make it easy to move around

Added flexibility can often help with staying safe in the bathroom. As many accidents are caused by slips or falls, installing the right interior that allows you to move around freely when using the shower or faucet can be crucial. A shower set-up with hand shower, for example, allows you to move around more easily and can help avoid uncomfortable positions and potential injuries with kids or seniors. Going for a washbasin faucet with functional hand shower, can help you perform some actions on-the-go more easily, like washing your hair or assisting another family member with cleansing.


Tip: for maximum flexibility and safety, consider upgrading your bathroom with anti-slip floor tiles, barrier-free showers, a place to sit in the shower area, and grab bars. Small improvements such as these can go a long way.

Creating a safe environment in the bathroom often starts with picking out the right fixtures that eliminate the risk of water running too hot or surfaces becoming overheated, as well as choosing design that is both smart and provides the flexibility to move around freely. Look for the features above the next time you’re planning your bathroom, and you’ll be well on your way towards safety.


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