Oras Vega faucets have been an iconic part of Oras product range since 1998. However, Oras Vega’s history goes all the way back 1976, when Oras created their first water and energy-saving faucet. Now the product family has been updated with fresh design and some new technical features. 

All Oras Vega faucets feature a convenient eco-button, which makes it easier than ever to save water and energy. When you need to increase the water flow, you can simply press the eco-button and simultaneously lift the lever. In the washbasin faucets, the eco-button is also a safety factor, as it limits the water temperature.


In this article you will learn more about:

  1. Oras Vega’s new eco-limiters and when and how to use them
  2. Meaning behind the different letters after the product numbers (G, FG, GG, FGG,GU)
  3. Turnable spout holder
  4. How to limit the spout swivel angle

+ other things worth knowing.



In old  Oras Vega models we used to limit temperature and water flow with a limiter. In new Oras Vega range there is a standard Oras cartridge inside (spare part number 158890 ).  There are new eco-limiters which are installed on top of the cartridge. New eco-limiters will limit water flow by 30% (all models) and prevent scalding by limiting the water temperature. Both limiting points can be bypassed by pushing the eco button and turning/lifting the lever (see image below)

Oras Vega eco button - bypass temperature limitationOras Vega eco button - bypass water flow limitation

 You can bypass the eco-limiter in the Oras Vega faucets by pushing the button and turning/lifting the lever.

The eco function exists in G and FG washbasin faucets and in all GG and FGG models (more detailed explanation of the letters below under the title: 2. LETTERS AFTER PRODUCT NUMBER).  With new limiters the installer can adjust the hot water temperature by turning the limiter clockwise (increase temperature) and counterclockwise (decrease temperature).

See short animation video of the new Oras Vega eco-limiters here:




Limiter for Eco function and hot water safety lock

Eco-limiter consists of three parts, Oras Number 1004821VEco-limiter consists of three parts, Oras Number 1004821V


The new eco-limiter consists of 3 parts. Oras spare part number for all these 3 parts is 1004821V.

When changing the cartridge to the renewed Oras Vega model, you should always remember to remove the limiter parts (see images A and B below) and transfer them to the new cartridge. If those parts accidentally disappear, they can be purchased separately with Oras number 1004821V. Standard Oras cartridge number remains the same – 158890.

Oras Vega limiter for water flowOras Vega water flow limitation

Image A: Limiter for water flow limitation



Limiter for water flow and temperature_ORas VegaEco button - temperature limitation

Image B: Limiter with the collar for both temperature and water flow limitation.

Good to know: Generally, in the kitchen faucets it is common to use the limiter without the collar (image A).  This is because the collar limits the water temperature, which is usually not desired in kitchen, since kitchen faucet is most commonly used to have hot or cold water.

See the animation video of new Oras Vega function here:



In new Oras Vega range there are different letters after the product number. Below are the explanations for these letters: *country should select only those models they sell*

G – new Oras Vega model with copper pipes

FG – new Oras Vega model with flexible pipes

GG - new Oras Vega model with extra water flow limitation with new limiters in the cartridge. Flow rate 0,09-0,11 l/s.

FGG – New Oras Vega model with extra water flow limitation with new limiters in the cartridge. Flow rate 0,09-0,11 l/s. With flexible pipes.

GU – new model with silencing eccentric unions (shower and bathroom models).



In new Oras Vega kitchen model with the high spout, the spout connection can be turned to the left or right side of the body. This helps installation in places with limited space behind the faucet.

See the animation here:



By using the appropriate new limiters 159670/10 or 159667/10 you can limit the turning angle of the high spout to 120° or 60°.

See animation video here:





A new angle connector is available with shut-off valves especially designed for connecting the flexible pipes. Oras number 281215/2.

Oras: new angle connector is available with shut-off valves especially designed for connecting the flexible pipes.




The installation of the new Oras Vega family is easy. It is equipped with the Oras 3S-Installation system which enables faster and easier mounting for the washbasin and kitchen faucets, making the installation of Oras Vega faucets quick, easy and safe.


To ensure the best functionality we recommend our products to be installed by a professional installer.