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Dringking water does wonders to your wellbeing!

Water is not only healthy to drink (as it contains no additives or added sugars) it also has a positive effect on your body and well-being. Drinking water can help you to get rid of headaches, be a helping hand for your immune system and can also make traveling more comfortable – and that is just to name a few benefits of drinking water regularly. 

Get rid of pains 

Why not try a big glass of water instead of taking painkillers when you have a headache? If you’re not good at drinking water throughout the day the headache might stem from dehydration. Painkillers are also hard on the stomach and you might end up with a tummy ache instead.  

Moreover, if you are looking to have night out partying, remember to drink lots of water before going to sleep, it might just save you from a hangover as those often come from dehydration – and no, tequila shots are not hydrating.  

Help your immune system 

Your mucous membranes are full of antibodies which are fighting bacteria you might inhale, eat or drink. The mucous membranes will dry out if you don’t drink plenty of water and will then not be able to fight all the nasty infections you might encounter on your way e.g. a cold, a sore throat or a cough. Why not start and finish your day with a big glass of hydrating water? 

Make traveling more comfortable 

It’s not only time difference that takes its toll on your body when traveling. It’s also the dry air in the airplane cabin that sucks the water right out of you – it has a big impact on your dehydrationpartly because the air we breathe onboard airplanes contains less oxygen compared to when you walk around outside.  

Drink a glass of water before you board your flight and then one glass per hour you are up in the air. Steer clear of drinks containing alcohol and caffeine as this will only contribute to further dehydration.  

Makes your skin and hair glow 

Body lotion might hydrate your skin on the outside, but it’s the water that you drink that really does wonders. Skin cells that are well hydrated keeps your skin soft, moisturized and healthy looking.  

Another added benefit of a well hydrated inner is that the sweat we produce during demanding exercise stimulates the oil producing glands in our scalp. The oil produced helps our hair and scalp to stay healthy and in good condition. 

Boost your muscles 

As a cherry on the top – the human body consist of a large amount of water, so if you want to have nice looking and firm muscles, drinking water helps with that!   

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