The new touchless Oras faucet in the test family's bathroom

Our Danish test family from Silkeborg have now changed their old single lever faucet to an Oras touchless faucet – which is a completely new experience for them. Prior to applying to become an Oras test family they didn’t much experience with touchless electronic faucets, they had only met the in public spaces and at a friend’s house.

“The whole family is really happy about the new touchless faucet”, Tina Meinertz tells. “The kids love the idea of us saving water. Our youngest have recently had a project in school about being good to the earth and environment and how to take care of it.”

Changing habits

When you change your faucet from a traditional two- or single lever faucet there will be a short transition period, where you must get used to the new way of using the faucet. It’s no longer possible to let the water run when you don’t use it. In a way the faucet helps you to change your habits when using water – and that can have a positive impact on other water points in the home. “Our youngest daughter has started to close the water during her shower, so she definitely knows what to do in order to save water”, Tina explains.

When you are used to a have a single lever faucet, changing to an electronic model can sometimes cause you to miss some features. Usually the user habits adjust over time. After the Oras test family changed their faucet to a touchless model, we asked them if they could one thing, what would it be? “If I could change one small thing about the faucet it would be the ability to turn off the automatic function and use it manually, that would be handy for e.g. cleaning”, Tina says.

If you are thinking about changing your existing faucet to a touchless model, but are afraid that you might miss the manual lever function too much we have something for you. It’s called a hybrid faucet – and you can read more about it right here.

To read more about Oras touchless faucets click here 

To see the full range of touchless faucets click here



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