Oras Signa washbasin faucet

Touchless faucets are a good solution for people in all ages, whether it is a family with children, an elderly couple or a single person – everyone can benefit from the functionality and the design of touchless faucets.

Every now and then you will have the need to fill up the sink and the touchless faucet is just not made for that – it is made for saving water, as it closes automatically when the sensor is no longer activated. Touchless faucets are also ideal for increasing the hygiene level as you do not have to touch the faucet when using it – preventing the spread of bacteria via the faucet surface.

Touchless faucets are gaining more and more popularity in private homes due to functional and ecological reasons. However, there are situations in life when the touchless functionality simply is not enough – e.g. when you need to fill up the sink to wash dishes or to have cold drinking water.

For you to be able to fill up the wash basin and to wash your hands hygienically and save water, we have taken the best parts from two worlds and combined them: single lever faucet + touchless faucet = a hybrid faucet.
You can now use the faucet as you like, whether you like using the lever or the handy touchless function.

Hybrid, how does that work?
Imagine you are making dinner in the kitchen – pasta and meatballs, things can get messy. With a hybrid faucet, everything is just easier in the kitchen.

You can fill the pot with cold water for the pasta using the manual lever. After you have finished preparing the meatballs, you can easily wash your hands using the touchless function in the faucet – leaving the faucet spotless. When using the touchless function, you will get water in a pre-mixed temperature of your choice.

Imagine what the faucet would have looked like, if you had used the manual levers with those greasy fingers. The touchless function also makes cooking more hygienic since you don’t have to touch the faucet after handling raw meat.

Hybrid faucets for bathroom and kitchen

Oras offers a selection of hybrid faucets for both bathroom and kitchen. What they all have in common is that they are easy to use, help you to save water and increase the hygiene level when it is needed the most.

Oras Signa hybrid faucet brings design and functionality to the bathroom. The faucet is organically inspired and offers you a new visual design from every angle, which allows you to fall in love with it every day of the year. The Oras Signa product range includes faucets for both kitchen and bathroom.

The Oras Signa hybrid  washbasin faucet is available in two versions – with or without the versatile Bidetta hand shower, both filled with functionality and personality – just what you need. The version with the Bidetta hand shower gives you a little bit more flexibility, as it allows you to have an outlet with the hand shower somewhere within the bathroom (max. distance from control unit is 2 m.). The other version comes with a handy pull-out spout which enables you to make full use of your wash basin.

How the faucet works: On the right side, you have the manual lever, where you can adjust the water flow and temperature in one go and get the amount of water needed in the right temperature. One the left side you will find the sensor which activates the touchless function. By placing your hand next to the sensor, the faucet will give you water in a pre-mixed temperature of your choice – just perfect for washing hands.

For the kitchen, we recommend using our Oras Optima hybrid faucet. This faucet comes with separate cold and hot water levers and a touchless function. The high swivel spout gives you plenty of room under the faucet which is a must in a functional kitchen.

The faucet is available in two versions.  One is with the basic function of a hybrid faucet: cold and hot water levers and a touchless function which gives you water in a pre-mixed temperature, that is easily adjustable on the faucet. The second version has an extra function – it displays the water temperature and warns you with a blinking red light if the temperature exceeds 42° degree Celsius, increasing the safety in kitchen. Both versions are available with a smart dishwasher valve that closes automatically.

Later this year Oras Signa will also be available as a kitchen faucet in both classic and hybrid models.

Oras Signa hybrid washbasin faucet

Oras Optima hybrid kitchen faucet

Oras Optima hybrid kitchen faucet

Oras Optima hybrid kitchen faucet

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