Oras Esteta Wellfit helps you to relax, recover and reload in the middle of hectic weekdays.

Weekdays... With ever-growing to do-lists and sky-rocketing stress levels, stress-neck, sore feet and muscles are never far away.

Alright, we are not going to pretend we have the final solution to the everyday pressure most of us feel.  But we have some great news for everyday heroes with everyday problems, that lets you be more physically and mentally equipped to deal with the pressure. Have you ever heard about hot and cold water therapy.

Hot and cold water therapy, also known as contrast water therapy, is a widely used treatment by professional athletes, physicians and physiotherapists all around the world. The treatment entails exposing the body to alternatively hot and cold water at varying intervals. With the new Oras Esteta Wellfit it is now easy to enjoy the treatment in your own home. We will give you some good reasons why this is a good idea:

Stress down your body and mind 

Stress, the source to most neck, back and headaches. To many of us it’s the true villain in our everyday story. Don't worry! Hot and cold water therapy relieves muscular tension and enhances blood circulation, effectively reducing stress symptoms and unclouding your mind. By a simple push of a button you can activate the RELAX program on your Esteta Wellfit shower and enjoy a shower program designed to ease a tense body and reduce stress symptoms from both body and mind.

When ‘rise and shine’ is easier said than done

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Well, you’re not alone. Try starting out with the RELOAD program! There is no better way to kick-start your day. Hot and cold water therapy helps you activate your body, kick starts your blood circulation, relieves fatigue and boosts your energy. In addition, morning showers washes away toxins, giving you the best start to the day. Who knows? Suddenly you might find yourself embracing your inner early bird.

Physical restraints in everyday life

Professional athletes use water therapy to sooth and nurture muscles after hard workout sessions. But it’s not just professional athletes that needs rapid recovery. All of us in our everyday life put strain on our muscles. That being through heavy workouts at the gym or in everyday activities like grocery shopping. With the RECOVER program on your Esteta Wellfit you have a shower program that releases muscle tension, reduces edema and muscle cramps providing quicker recovery after tough physical work. Hot and cold water therapy is also widely recognized for its pain-relieving effect. 

There you go, a few examples on how hot and cold water treatment can affect your everyday life in a positive way. The great news is that this advanced shower system with the Oras Esteta Wellfit is now available to normal people as well, and not only professionals. Mondays are still Mondays, and the alarm clock is still annoying. But getting through it all is made much easier. 

Interested in more info on hot and cold therapy and the Oras Esteta Wellfit shower system? Click here for more!

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