Touchless faucets are ideally suited not only for public facilities but also for private homes. They ensure comfort of use, ease of cleaning and, above all, they save water. To prove that touchless faucets are a solution worth investing in, we have run a 6-week family test. We present the results of the Oras Electra test by two Polish families!   

Before the test 

Before the test both Paulina and Barbara, members of the two families, admitted that they only came across electronic touchless faucets in public buildings such as offices or shopping centres. The 6-week test involved the measuring of water consumption by both the traditional single lever faucet and the new electronic touchless faucet and comparing the obtained results. Both families chose Oras Electra 6121F.

Experiences after the test  

Families not only appreciated the modern faucet design, but also took notice of how the taps are used. When using electronic touchless models, water flows only when needed. Thanks to this, water consumption is minimized and money is saved.  

After the tests, both families expressed their wish to have Oras Electra fitted in their bathroom. According to them, these faucets are a great way to reduce water bills, and you can also easily keep the faucet surfaces clean and maintain a better personal hygiene. The way the electronic touchless faucets work was also appreciated by children who tend to use them more readily than the traditional lever models. Interestingly, the youngest users also noticed the lower water consumption resulting from the use of a touchless faucet.  


Through the use of the Oras electronic touchless faucets, Paulina’s family reduced the amount of water consumed by 30%. There was a 49% saving of cold water, and 23% of hot water. Barbara's family, on the other hand, achieved a total saving of 43%, which included 77% of cold water and 9% of hot water.  

Why to have an Oras touchless faucet? 

Substantial savings make it possible to significantly improve the condition of the household budget. It is also worth noting that the use of touchless faucets in private homes markedly improves the comfort and convenience of residents, while also increasing home hygiene. The added benefit is that you can contribute to helping our environment every single day.  

See all our touchless faucet here! 


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