At the end of 2017 Oras Finland had a post in Facebook where we searched for a family to test one of our touchless faucet. We received a delightful amount of applications from which Grundströms, a family of four from Uusikaupunki, was selected as our test family.

Sanna, mother of the family, tells about her experiences of touchless faucets before test as follows:

“ I have used touchless faucets mainly in shopping centers, restaurants, service stations and hospitals. Experiences have been positive because faucet is easy to use, and since you don’t have to touch it, you avoid getting bacteria from the faucet. Another advantage is that the faucet starts and stops the water flow automatically without touching which makes it easier to wash for example very dirty hands.”

Family’s expectations

Sanna saw the test family recruitment post at Oras’ Facebook page and she tells that she wanted her family to participate to help reduce the water consumption and test the user friendliness of touchless faucet at home. She hoped that touchless faucet would reduce water consumption and that it would be suitable for family’s everyday use also in the future.

Oras touchless faucet with Bidetta hand shower was selected for the test

The test was carried out as follows: before installing the new faucet water meters were installed in both cold and hot inlet pipes for the existing single lever faucet. There was a one-week test period of the water consumption. Equivalent water consumption test period was carried out with the new, touchless faucet.The family chose Oras Cubista 2816F for the test as they wanted a model equipped with Oras Bidetta hand shower.

Water consumption reduced as by itself

During one-week test period hot water was used 23,7%  (12,8 liters) and cold water 32,7 % (42,5 liters) less than during the test with the old, single lever faucet. That means that the water saving with the touchless faucet amounted to the total of 55,30 liters less in one week. That makes almost 3 cubic meters in a year.

This result was achieved by changing just one washbasin faucet, what if attention to reducing the water consumption is paid also in kitchen and bathroom?

Oras touchless faucets


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