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Oras Esteta Wellfit - The ultimate design and shower experience for your bathroom


This fall Europe's leading faucet manufacturer Oras is launching a unique new shower system for the home market. Oras Esteta Wellfit is a shower system with a modern and elegant design, featuring...

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Oras Group invests in digitalization buying Swiss company Amphiro


Sanitary fittings manufacturer Oras Group has long been a category front-runner towards digitalization of the bathroom experience. This position is strengthened further by acquiring the majority...

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ALESSI Swan by Oras designed by Mario Trimarchi – A Beautiful Kitchen Sculpture


Using innovative organic shapes, Mario Trimarchi design for ALESSI the most beautiful kitchen faucet of this year: ALESSI Swan by Oras. As indicated by the name, this highly functional kitchen...

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New Oras Optima - The faucet that will revolutionize your kitchen


Oras is Europe's leading in touchless faucet technology. This spring they launched Oras Optima, a hybrid faucet where design meets functionality in an innovative way that will change your kitchen...

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Oras Group maintains market position - CEO's information letter and financial statements 2017


2017 was a year of positive market development in all Oras Group markets and similar development is expected to continue. Oras Group introduced numerous novelties that were extremely well received...

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Oras is participating Suomi 100 Made by Finland -campaign


As Finland turns 100, it is time to celebrate Finnish work and the success stories of it. Oras is part of the Made by Finland campaign, which is a collaboration between the Association for Finnish...

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