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Bold, contemporary appearance, smart functionality and sustainable consumption - the new design fittings of the Oras Stela series perfectly harmonise contemporary looks with user requirements. The extensive product range includes numerous different variations and clever detailing that ensure a special kind of water experience.

 Oras Stela washbasin faucet for bathrooms

Oras Stela is a striking new faucet line with elegant design and sophisticated details


The new Oras Stela is a contemporary design faucet with clever features that focuses on sustainable, intelligent water use. Based on geometric shapes, the soft-cubic design and slim proportions create a look that is both modern and timelessly elegant. Additional freedom of movement at the washbasin is provided by upright variations with a high, generous spout at a classic 90 degree angle - also available as an XL version. Another special feature: the smooth, self-contained back due to the integrated lever design. In addition to the modern, contemporary all-round aspect, the seamless surface ensures greater hygiene and easier cleaning.
Oras Stela wasbasin faucet range

The new Oras Stela series impresses with its soft cubic design and extraordinary range of variations.

Mesmerising water feature

With the new Oras Stela, the eye is drawn not only to the faucet itself but also to the water flow. Some variations are fitted with a broad aerator which gives the water a mesmerising and exquisite diamond structure. Despite the voluminous waterfall appearance, the flow rate is limited to six litres per minute, which ensures economical consumption. The aerator can be easily removed, cleaned or replaced when necessary. Alternatively, models with a round tap aerator are also available. To ensure the clean, flowing design is not interrupted, it is concealed and integrated into the underside of the spout. Practical extra: To avoid unpleasant splashes over the edge of the basin, the outlet angle can be manually controlled and adjusted to the proportions of the wash basin.

Oras Stela diamond water flow

Design highlight: the fascinating waterfall jet with a fine diamond structure and sustainable water flow

Safe, clean, sustainable: the touchless Oras Stela

From better hygiene and greater comfort via a more economical use of resources, to less frequent cleaning - SMART fittings from Oras offer numerous advantages. Perfectly adjusted to individual requirements, the touchless Oras Stela offers three different installation options. In the mixed-water version, the user can set the temperature individually as desired. To maintain a preset temperature and avoid water that is too hot or too cold - for example, for additional safety in a cross-generational bathroom - the small lever on the side can be replaced by a plug after the desired temperature has been selected. In a third variation, installation as a purely cold water fitting is also possible. This means that a single model offers three different variations and can be optimally adapted to individual requirements.

Oras Stela touchless faucet for bathroomsOras Stela touchless washbasin faucet fits any private or public bathroom

In addition to individual installation applications and safe adjustment of the water temperature, the touchless Oras Stela ensures optimum hygiene and greater sustainability at the washbasin. Thanks to intelligent, precise sensor technology, the water only flows when it is actually needed. This allows consumption to be reduced by up to fifty percent without compromising convenience. As soon as the user's hands are removed, the water flow stops automatically. No part of the faucet needs to be touched for operation, so the surface remains hygienically clean and free of viruses, bacteria or traces of dripping water for a long time. Smarter plus: The Bluetooth®-enabled faucet can be controlled and configured using the free Oras Connect App*. Many functions, such as the sensor sensitivity, the water shut-off delay or the automatic rinse setting, can be adapted quickly and easily to different requirements. In addition, all product information, such as battery status and consumption, can be viewed and monitored via the app interface.

 Oras Stela for bathroomsOras Stela offers harmonious look and feel for the entire bathroom. Oras Stela is a perfect fit e.g. with the Oras Esteta shower system.

Wide product range for a harmonious overall look

In the spirit of coordinated design, the numerous variations of the new Oras Stela series enable a holistic and seamless bathroom design. In addition to top-operated single-lever mixers, touchless faucets, and various surface-mounted and recessed solutions for shower and bath, round off the new series. What unites all models: a modern, recognisable design, high-quality and durable materials and clever functionality for maximum user convenience.

Oras Stela

*As Android version in the Google Play Store or as iOS version in the App Store, from iPhone 4S and iPad from the 3rd generation.

The Bluetooth® trademark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and its use by Oras Ltd. is under licence.


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