With the brand promise Water Smart Living, Oras Ltd. describes the consistent evolution of its brand. The concept is driven by the vision of convenient, simultaneously efficient and more sustainable use of water based on smart technology. This new frame of reference permeates all areas of life. With Water Smart Living, Oras gives clear expression to its focus and purpose in the future: making water experiences smart, convenient, safe and sustainable for the benefit of people, businesses society and the environment.

Water Smart Living by Oras

"Reliable, practical and smart" are the basic ingredients of Oras' DNA. This defines all areas of the company and shapes them significantly. The deliberate emphasis on 'smart' in the basic structure produces groundbreaking innovations in the applications - for example, in the form of digital functions such as real-time feedback on consumption data. SMART is the company's response to the key challenges of the future, benefiting both today's customers and future generations. It is about hygiene, safety and convenience, and at the same time about sustainable thinking and action.

"Our mission is to use innovative technology, first-class engineering and outstanding design to create the smartest water experiences for everyone - whether at home or in public spaces," says Thomas Hanche-Olsen, CMO of Oras Group. "What's more, our products create smart living spaces that enable both the perfect flow of water and the optimal flow of everyday routines. If, in the process, water can be withdrawn intuitively, safely and hygienically by anyone, the result is a convenient, smart experience. This is how people, the economy, society and the environment benefit from our products." In this way, Water Smart Living covers all the aspects of life - whenever and wherever water is needed: from private to public spaces. “We believe that homes, offices, factories, stores, schools and hospitals can all be and become Water Smart,” he continues.

Conscious choices, without compromising on convenience

Many people associate sustainability with doing or living without. But it’s not. All that needs to be done is cut out the superfluous. What that consists of is sometimes difficult to determine. Here, small insights can bring about big changes - for example, direct feedback on the consumption of energy and water in the routines of daily interaction with water. A great proof point of a smart technology that can help – with real-time feedback – to use and experience water more sustainably, is the new digital hand shower from Oras. It uses real-time measurements - shown on a display - to sharpen the view of one's own habits. After all, only the awareness of one's personal behavior and ecological footprint can make a change. "Sustainable change happens through a change in perception. Based on individual consumption data, smart Oras products create the essential knowledge base for a more conscious use of water. And in the end, this saves water, time, energy and money," explains Thomas Hanche-Olsen and continues: “Did you know by the way, that one minute in shower equals to the energy consumption of lights in an average household per day ?” The daily savings of the smallest amounts of water and energy over years and millions of users in the private and public sectors add up to considerable amounts worldwide. The number on the display shows every day that change is possible for every individual and starts in one's own bathroom.

Sustainable by tradition

Oras fittings implement responsibility and resource conservation in numerous ways. They are all an expression of Water Smart Living and are aimed first and foremost at the economical use of water and energy: touchless faucets and thermostats reduce both automatically. Also the high quality and durability of Oras products also make a significant contribution to their sustainability. High-quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship and extensive testing make all the difference. The design of the fittings is timeless and does not rely on short-term trends. In short, Oras faucets and showers make water experiences smart, convenient safe and sustainable – for the benefit of us all.

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