As our homes are getting smarter, and so are our kitchens. From fridges to faucets – here are the clever appliances that are taking over our kitchens in 2021.


HANSAFIT a hybrid smart kitchen faucet has two spray option and a flexible spout.

The concept of a Smart Home might have been making the rounds for quite some time, as homes around the world are getting smarter every day. The smart home appliances market is anticipated to reach $57.64 billion by 2025 – a sixfold increase in the last decade alone.

Leading this steep growth, smart products are forecast to make up a significant share of household appliances. And according to leading tech support brand TechBuddy, smart kitchens will be gaining considerable traction in 2021 – over a century after the fridge was first invented.

“There are so many possibilities for tech to improve daily cuisine, taking the simplicity of food storage and preparation to the next level,” TechBuddy writes in an article on what we can expect from the smart home appliances market in 2021.

With new devices coming to the market regularly, several high-tech smart devices have already been making their way into our kitchens: fridges, faucets, microwaves, pressure cookers and even wine coolers – all packed with unique and useful functions for a well-functioning kitchen.


Let’s have a more detailed look at what’s making kitchens smarter in 2021:

  • Fridges – Smart refrigerators are among the most popular kitchen appliances. And they’re packed with incredible features. Did you know you can see what’s inside your fridge with your smartphone, to know exactly what to buy for dinner? The incorporated touchscreen also lets you adjust the temperature, use the water dispenser and so on.

  • Faucets – New generation automatic faucets take hygiene, comfort and safety to the next level. The touchless features ensure you don’t touch the faucet with dirty hands while you cook or bake. No need to get the faucet filthy when your hands are caked with bread dough or when you’ve been handing raw meat or fish.

Our Smart kitchen faucets are touchless hybrids. They have a flexible spout with two spray options, help improve kitchen hygiene and are equipped with a temperature display that starts blinking when the water temperature is too high. You can also choose a model with a Smart dishwasher valve that closes automatically after 4 or 12 hours. Its manual levers makes hot and cold water access easier and comes in handy for washing larger pots and other demanding kitchen tasks.


HubSpot Video

Oras Optima Hybrid smart kitchen faucet has many features that improve your kitchen’s overall functionality


  • Ovens – Designed for those of us who keep struggling with our cooking and just want to serve a decent meal. Among other features, smart ovens are equipped with an incorporated camera that detects exactly what you’re cooking to select the best method and determine the correct time and temperature.

  • Wine Coolers – Not only can a smart wine cooler set the right temperature for your evening glass of wine, but it can also recommend other types of wine based on your tastes. It can even figure out which kind of cheese to best pair your drink with. We think this is beyond smart!


We just picked a few of the many smart kitchenware items out there – a mix of what combines useful features with incredible technology! Why not invest in products that make the kitchen safer, cleaner and easier to work in, help plan your shopping, or that pick your next Chardonnay?




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