Our brand new shower system Oras Esteta Wellfit provides the possibility to enjoy the renowned hot and cold water therapy in your own home. Hot and cold water therapy is well-known for its medical benefits, and is widely used by physiotherapists, physicians and athletes to sooth sore muscles and increase blood circulation.

We asked triathletes Michelle Vesterby (Denmark) and Kaisa Sali (Finland) to try Oras Esteta Wellfit for a period. This is what they said.

–Do you have any prior experience with hot and cold water treatment?

Kaisa Sali: Yes, I’ve been using a variety of hot and cold treatments ever since I began doing sports. I have tried hot and cold-water immersion in pools, massaging muscles with ice blocks, swimming in cold lakes and mountain rivers. But let me tell you, it is much more comfortable to use it at home.

Michelle Vesterby: When I'm at training camp in La Santa, I always use hot and cold water treatment as an active part of the restitution. It makes me feel healthier and gives me better muscle restitution.

–What was your first impression of Oras Esteta Wellfit when you tried it?

KS: That it was really comfortable! Usually, the cold flush is quite uncomfortable but not with the Esteta Wellfit. And I like the size and shape of the shower head, which gives the feeling of standing in summer rain.

MV: For me, it provided a feeling of luxury, that I treated myself to something special. It also gave me the feeling of taking responsibility for my restitution. The design is great.

–Do you experience any benefits from using Oras Esteta Wellfit?

MV: Absolutely! I experienced the effect immediately after the first time. It gives faster restitution, which gives me the opportunity to exercise more and harder, and a general feeling of well-being. It is very convenient to have this treatment available at home, as it becomes a part of the everyday training regime.

KS: Yes. Hot and cold treatment is perfect for stimulating the circulatory system and metabolism. It aids with recovery from hard training sessions, reduces swollen legs after travelling and relaxes body and mind before going to bed. The Esteta Wellfit is a really practical device to enjoy hot and cold water therapy at home.

–Are there any design features you would like to highlight?

MV: Well, first, it is very easy to use, and I'm not a very technical person. And the hand shower with the different spray-types is just great. But the best thing is the shower head! I just love it! It is total wellness with loads of water pouring down. I never want to leave the shower.

KS: Yes, the size of both the hand shower and the shower head. And it really is very easy to operate.

–We have to ask, is Oras Esteta Wellfit a product you would recommend?

KS: Definitely! I would recommend it to everyone who likes to take care of their wellbeing, not only professional athletes.

MV: Oh yes! Everyone with an active lifestyle, and people who just appreciate well-being. Every professional athlete should have one. And hedonists and people who wants to treat themselves to something extra.


About the athletes

Kaisa Sali is a Finnish professional triathlete. She was born in 1981 and has achieved numerous victories and achievements throughout a long athletic career. She recently won Ironman Switzerland, last year she placed 5th in Ironman World Championship in Kona and has placed top five in most competitions she has participated in worldwide.  For more information on Kaisa Sali, please see: http://kaisasali.com/en/

Michelle Vesterby is a Danish triathlete with an impressive track record throughout her career. She holds a 4th place in the 2015 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. This makes her the highest ranked female Dane in early modern days of the competition. For more information on Michelle Vesterby, please see: https://michellevesterby.com/

About Oras Esteta Wellfit

Oras Esteta Wellfit is developed in close cooperation with medical personnel. Several studies have shown that hot and cold water therapy releases muscle tensions and provides quicker recovery after physical activity as it reduces edema and muscle cramps and is widely recognized for its pain-relieving effect.

The Oras Esteta Wellfit shower faucet has three preset programs, each carefully designed to respond to a specific user need and affect the body in a different way.

These programs are:

  • RECOVER, which eases sore muscles and provides rapid recovery after physical activity;
  • RELAX, designed to ease your body and reduce stress symptoms for both body and mind;
  • RELOAD, which helps you activate your body and boost the feeling of energy.

All three programs start with short intervals of hot and cold water to gently help the body adapt to temperature changes. The desired program is selected by pressing a button for either one, two or three seconds.

Oras Esteta Wellfit is now available from most Oras dealers. For more information on the entire concept range, see: wellfit.oras.com.


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