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Shorter showers are one of the most efficient ways to save water in the bathroom. They can help you save energy too. Here’s how a few good habits and investing in smart technology can cut water consumption and your energy bill.


Every time we shower, we consume up to 80 litres of water. HANSA’s new digital hand shower can help you change your shower habits. Every time we shower, we consume up to 80 litres of water. Oras’ new digital hand shower can help you change your shower habits..


According to research done in Europe, the average shower consumes 45 litres with an average flow rate 11 litres per minute.[1] Although shower lengths vary from country to country, as do flow rates of various shower heads, showering is a huge source of water consumption. It also uses a significant amount of energy. To put things into perspective – assuming most of us enjoy hot showers – we use more energy showering for one minute than leaving the lights on in our homes.

[1] Amphiro (2014) The Effectiveness of Real-time Feedback: The Influence of Demographics, Attitudes, and Personality Traits

One minute in a warm shower is equivalent to one full day of the
electricity used for lighting in a three-person household.

Digital-handshower-saves-water_860x480Investing in a water-saving shower head can help you save significant amount of water and energy.


Good habits are key to saving water and energy

But there are ways to make better use of resources and avoid wasting water and using too much electricity without compromising comfort. And it’s all about good habits: shaving minutes off your shower time can help, as can installing a water-saving shower head.

Installing a water-saving shower head can help you form more sustainable showering habits

The European Environmental Agency suggests water-saving shower heads as a practical and effective way to cut both water and energy use.

Yet water-saving shower heads come in many shapes and forms – so how can you make sure you’re picking the right one? Oras is introducing a smart digital hand shower that can be installed on any shower system in less than a minute and helps you understand how sustainable your showering routine is in real time.

Digital hand showers aren’t a common feature in homes just yet. You might be wondering how the device works, how it can make your shower time more sustainable, or how it can benefit your wallet. We have the answers!


Here’s why a smart water-saving hand shower is an item worth investing in:

  • Real-time tracking – the hand shower will help you save both water and energy by tracking your real-time consumption and water temperature. This can help you reduce your overall water consumption by up to 22%.

    How does the feature work? A large display shows the number of litres you’re using together with the real-time water temperature, and a handy LED light will change colour as you shower (from green to red), signalling when it’s time for you to turn off the water.

  • Bluetooth connection – whether you’re keen on setting goals for a more sustainable shower time or just curious to track your consumption, the hand shower is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity which will connect the device to the Digital Hand Shower App where you’ll find all the numbers you need.

  • Forget batteries – the smart shower head not only saves electricity by reducing the consumption of hot water, but it’s also fully powered by the water flow. This means you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries for the water and energy-saving features to work.

  • Great comfort – smart water-saving shower heads might be saving you water, but you’ll hardly notice. Equipped with a large shower head and giving a gentle rain spray, you won’t be giving up the comfort of a pleasant hot shower as you start your day.


If you’re worried about not keeping your new year’s resolution of living a more sustainable 2021 – a few small habit changes and updating your shower head will help you get back on track. At least when it comes to cutting water wastage and saving energy!


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