Before signing up to become an Oras test family, Tina Meinertz and her family didn’t really have any experience as such with touchless faucets. The family had met this kind of faucet primarily in public places, where the benefits can be very visible. A touchless faucet in a public place not only saves water and energy, it also helps to keep the public bathroom nice and clean. There will be no faucets left running and less water splashes around the sink, all contributing to a cleaner looking bathroom.

During the test of the touchless Oras Electra faucet the family had chosen, we focused on water consumption and user habits. To do that, we mounted sub meters on both the cold and the hot water inlet. During the first test period, we measured the water consumption on the existing wash basin faucet, so we’d have something to compare the water consumption of the touchless faucet to.

Making the choice to become an Oras test family

As the family didn’t have any experience as such with touchless faucets beforehand, the fact that their friends had a touchless faucet helped the family making the decision to become an Oras test family. “We have some friends who have a touchless faucet and they are excited about it, so we thought it might be something for us as well”, Tina Meinertz explains.

While we are measuring the current water consumption of the Danish family of four we asked them what they hope to achieve as an Oras test family. “I think that we can save some water. And as a nurse I’m a bit hysterical with germs and bacteria – this touchless faucet will hopefully reduce the spreading of the bacteria”, Tina Meinertz tells.

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Oras Electra touchless faucet


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