L-shaped kitchen utilizes all of the corner space efficiently

Let’s hang out in the kitchen! A good kitchen provides the perfect setting for spending time together, doing everyday tasks and cooking with a passion.

THE KITCHEN IS INCREASINGLY becoming the focal point of the home and part of the living area, where we spend a lot of our time. The perfect kitchen is a combination of the right atmosphere and functional technology. The kitchen is a lovely place when cooking is made easy and comfortable – and clearing up, too.

The shape and size of the space influence the plan of the kitchen. Roomy spaces can accommodate an L-shaped kitchen that utilizes all of the corner space efficiently. It is ideal if you want to incorporate an island or a dining table. U-shaped kitchens also work in large spaces where you can place worktops on three walls with plenty of room for working and storage.

One of the most important things about a functional kitchen is the location of the water point. It should be located near the stove. Kitchens with an island would benefit from a water point in the island, as well. The right choice of faucets improves the way we consume and use water. It is easy to act like a pro when you’ve got the right equipment!

Make the faucet the starting point of your kitchen

The kitchen represents the inhabitants’ personalities in terms of both function and form. The choice of materials and faucets is an integral part of interior design. While faucets are an integral part of the kitchen, they can also serve as eye-catchers. 

Oras offers various beautiful kitchen faucets with user-friendly and comfort-adding solutions, such as Oras Optima hybrid faucets with flexible spout and touchless functions. Not only are these faucets practical, but they are also beautiful to the eye.

To familiarize yourself more with Oras kitchen solutions, take a look at the product range here.

To find inspiration and examples of functional kitchen designs, visit our lookbook.

Oras Cubista 2839F in an L-shaped kitchen


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