Oras Safira summer cottage faucet with water heater

As summer has now turned to autumn it’s important to start organizing the summer house ready for the winter season. A well-prepared maintenance in the autumn helps to prevent repairs for the following year. The most important actions involve preventing any freezing and water damages. This can be done e.g. by draining any excess water from the sewers, water lines, boilers, traps and faucets.

This procedure must also be done with the unpressurized Oras summer house faucet and water heater. Follow these easy steps, and your summer house faucet will be good to go again in spring. 

  1. Turn off water to the faucet
  2. Disconnect the appliance from the grid
  3. Open the lever in center position
  4. Wait until the water has drained
  5. Unscrew the water inlet connector nut
  6. Unscrew the connector nuts from the water heater connector bushings
  7. Turn the container upside down to drain out the water (from the warm water coupling)
  8. Wait until the water has drained
  9. Detach the symbol plug and flat-headed fixing screw from the lever
  10. Detach the covering cap
  11. Unscrew the cartridge nut (38mm) with a bushing key (Oras number 910003)
  12. Pull the cartridge out of the spindle (e.g. by using the handle)

Remember to store the cartridge in a dry, warm place.

Oras Safira summer cottage faucets come with a water heater tank

Instructions for emptying the Safira summer cottage faucet for summer


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