For 75 years, Oras has set the bar for high-quality design that utilizes advanced technology to develop user-friendly and sustainable faucet solutions. One of Finland’s leading designers, Kirsi Svärd, reveals the secrets behind Oras’ design classics and provides a sneak peek into the future of faucet designs.

       One of Finland’s leading designers, Kirsi Svärd, reveals the secrets behind Oras’ design classics


Finland is renowned worldwide for its outstanding and unique design character. From Iittala, Marimekko and Moomin to Nokia, Finnish design combines distinct aesthetics and well-considered functionality. According to Kirsi Svärd, this is at the very core of Oras’ design values. She is one of Finland’s modern leading industrial designers, and designer of the Oras Optima and Oras Cubista series. She roughly summarizes her design philosophy as “UX = functionality + style”.

Oras Optima is designed by Kirsi Svärd.

–Successful industrial design is innovative with close consideration to the context and environment the product will be used in. One of the fascinating parts of industrial design is how to respond to the target group’s needs while still support the brand’s distinctiveness and differentiation. Another concern is manufacturability. It’s like trying to fit an exciting puzzle!

Two of Kirsi’s most characteristic designs for Oras, the Optima and Cubista series, were both designed with the contemporary bathroom and kitchen in mind. While Oras Cubista’s clean design and geometrical shapes were inspired by the 20th century art movement Cubism,  Oras Optima is influenced by the functionality of professional kitchens with features such as digital display, touchless control panel and two different flow alternatives. Still, they belong to the same design tradition, and Kirsi describes how the initial key words for both designs were modern, but classic, minimalistic, strong and long lasting. These are key words to Oras’ entire product portfolio and design philosophy. Some would argue that these are important elements in the Finnish design heritage, dating back to Alvar Aalto’s days.

–The Finnish roots are shown in the minimalistic and rational style and product solutions. “Bells and whistles” and “bling bling” simply don’t appeal to us.  However, we avoid getting too plain, and always keep our senses open for global trends and influences.

Kirsi believes Oras will use their experience of combining a profound understanding of user needs, interior design trends and technology to keep develop brand new branches of product and service concepts in the future. The use of electronics in their faucets is an example.

–Electronics in Oras’ faucets will always be for real use, to serve purposes such as improved hygiene or sustainability in terms of water and energy saving. It will never be just as gadgets, never for the purpose of the technology itself, says Kirsi.

At the ISH fair in Frankfurt in March, Oras Group introduced a number of ground-breaking and futuristic faucet designs developed in collaboration with Alessi’s young design talents. These prototypes represent what the future of faucet design might look like, and give proof that functionality and aesthetics will always remain a fundamental combination for the iconic brand.


 Concept Kadinsky

By designer Simone Bonanni

           Concept Kadinsky - design by Simona Bonanni. Image:    Concept Kadinsky - design by Simona Bonanni. Image:

Image credit:

This sophisticated faucet fits perfectly into the modern home with an innovative thin and elegant water spout and flexible water hose. It comes in five different natural materials and features touchless sensor control and lateral temperature pre-setting for sustainable water and energy consumption.



By designer Giulio LacchettiLingotto - design by Giulio Lacchetti. Image:

This decorative faucet is like a sculpture with a round, symmetrical form which integrates harmoniously into any modern living landscape.

The water flow is activated by moving the fitting form from its initial oval shape to a vertical position.

The temperature and intensity of the water flow can be adjusted by touching the body of the fitting.

Image credit:



 Water machine

Water machine - design by Alessandro Stable. Image: propp.itBy designer Alessandro Stable

This futuristic faucet features a ground-breaking aesthetics with an elegant and puristic design language. It has an easy-to-use and refined digital control system on the fitting, and the option to select between 1-jet or multi-jet water flow. 


Image credit:






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