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Adding a touch of elegance to any space, black boasts a timeless appeal. But how can you be sure to pick the right black bathroom or kitchen faucet that stands the test of time? We’ve compiled a simple checklist.


Oras Vega matte black bathroom faucet has a scratch-resistant surface and convenient eco button for increased safety and sustainability.Oras Vega matte black bathroom faucet has a scratch-resistant surface and convenient eco button for increased safety and sustainability.


Is black coming back? It might have never left. A deep and elegant colour that, when coupled with lighter hues, can add a touch of class to any room — an interior design trend fit for any space that keeps on living.

And the colour is increasingly making its way into bathrooms and kitchens in all corners of the world, with design blogs across Australia and New Zealand reporting a rising interest in matte black faucets. While in Europe, UK-based interior design experts at Lusso Stone noticed a substantial increase in searches for black faucets in recent years. A demand they expect will keep rising.

“We are confident that interest in matte black faucets will continue,” says Mike Manders, Lusso Stone’s managing director. “We believe this is because black fixtures can easily complement a wide number of trending looks.”

So if you, like many others, are looking to shake up the aesthetic of your bathrooms and kitchens through alternatives to chrome-plated fixtures – be it your shower, kitchen or bathroom faucets – we believe there are a few things you ought to know before picking your next black faucet.


Matte black automatic faucet is ideal choice for increasing bathroom hygiene and saving on water bills. Matte black automatic faucet is ideal choice for increasing bathroom hygiene and saving on water bills.


Here is an easy checklist for what to look for:

  • Thick, solid coating – The thicker the coating, the better: this will shape the fixture’s resistance to abrasion, chemicals and scratches. Such coating requires a thorough 5-step process – from sand-blasting all the way to air drying – that ensures the faucet can stand the test of time.
  • A carefree surface – Black faucets that go through such a meticulous coating process won’t have you worry about the surface accidentally scratching or corroding from irritants, including soaps and detergents. So, check with your installer whether the fixture is coated in the correct way or if it will end up requiring constant care.

  • Smooth touch – While resilient coating can prevent the fixture from wearing out prematurely, you will want to make sure your new shower and faucets feel good when you use them. So, try them out and see whether the surface is smooth and silky enough for daily use. (Remember, a family of four turns on the water up to 200 times a day, so there is nothing we should be compromising on.)

  • A colour that lasts – Keep an eye out for colour fastness: this measures the strength of the colour finish. You will want to pick fixtures with high colour fastness, meaning they resist long-term to fading or running. Consider reaching out to manufacturers and rely on brands that invest in good quality.
  • Check your water spaces – Chances are you will want to install multiple black faucets and showers in your home to keep the look consistent. To avoid any disappointment, we suggest checking your water spaces with the installer beforehand (kitchen, bathroom and shower) to know if you can install the same faucet line throughout. Sometimes, even a simple scroll through the manufacturer’s website can provide all the answers.
  • A sustainable and hygienic pick – While selecting the right brand is essential to ensure your new black faucet is built to last, going touchless might take things that extra mile. Not only do automatic faucets reduce water wastage by up to 50%, reduced contact makes the fixture a highly hygienic choice.

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen with a matte black faucet and shower, make sure to look out for the right one. You will not want to replace a scratched, worn-out fixture two years down the line.

Want find black faucets that will endure in your home?

Explore our matt black collection. 


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