The most successful solutions seem obvious when introduced. For instance, faucets with an attractive, functional and ecological design have found their way into countless homes. Functional and timeless solutions in the kitchen and bathroom can make life easier in various situations. Changing faucets is a simple operation, and an easy way to update the home in tune with the changing needs of its inhabitants.

Oras faucets are functional, beautiful and ecological. Their reliable quality and carefully considered design stand the test of time, so they may never need to be replaced. However, if there comes a time when the faucet needs to be updated, it is good to know that a modern and functional faucet helps to save both water and time. It also makes it easier to manage the daily life of the entire family and to keep the home clean. Moreover, changing faucets is an easy way to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look and bring it up to date. Here are some examples of how different faucet solutions adapt to different situations in life:

1. Practical and safe options for families with children

A touchless faucet is a safe and easy solution for children learning to wash their own hands. The water temperature can be adjusted to a level that is safe for the child’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, children can wash the dirt off their little hands using a suitable water pressure even if they can't reach very high. There are several eye-catching designs to suit all tastes: touch-free options are available in several Oras product families, such as Oras Inspera, Oras Optima, Oras Cubista and Oras Electra.

The Oras Bidetta hand shower, originally designed for intimate hygiene, can also be used to wash an infant or pet. The hand shower is a typically Finnish washing feature that has many uses, such as washing clothes by hand, filling large containers with water and rinsing muddy shoes. The Oras Bidetta hand shower is available in a touchless version, where the water runs by pressing the trigger without needing to turn on the faucet at the washbasin.

2. Faucets to save water and energy

Did you know that we use 155 litres of water per day on average? For example, a five-minute shower uses approximately 60 litres of water. Especially in families with teenagers, the next person may well have to wait even longer than five minutes for their turn to use the shower. In such situations, a water-saving faucet and shower can truly make a difference.

A touchless faucet reduces the consumption of water and energy, as the water is always the right temperature and it only runs when needed. Water and energy make up a significant part of the cost of living in a single-family house, but their consumption is also an important environmental concern for all of us.

3. A functional and beautiful faucet is an aesthetic choice

The appearance of the faucet is particularly important for home decorators. However, there is no need to compromise on practicality either. A stylish faucet that is resistant to wear and has an ageless design is a must in an open-concept kitchen, for instance. Oras offers several individual styles that can add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom.

Faucet solutions with smart functions can be easy on the eye as well. The Oras Esteta Wellfit shower and the Oras Optima kitchen faucet are two examples of solutions that combine stunning looks with smart technology. On the other hand, the Oras Inspera product family offers a solution for decorators inspired by the latest trends: a rose-gold washbasin faucet with a Mikado® aerator that turns running water into an eyecatcher.

4. Technology makes things easier at an advanced age

Oras also offers a variety of products for the elderly and people with disabilities, who can manage household chores more independently with the help of technology. For example, a touchless faucet and a washing machine valve that is easy to both open and close can make life much easier for people whose hands have lost some of their strength. Furthermore, a faucet that turns off automatically eliminates the risk of water being left running.


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