Is your kitchen a bit out of date? Has your faucet seen better days? Complete renovations are expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. Here are five things you can do in an afternoon for a fraction of the price of a full renovation:

1. Paint the kitchen fronts: Most kitchen fronts are paintable. Just clean them with a strong fat-dissolver, sand them and start painting. Remember that most materials and finishes should be primed before painted.

2. New handles and pulls: The selection of handles for cabinets and drawers is extensive, and a simple thing as new handles could in itself change the whole appearance of any kitchen. Mind that there may be differences in hole dimensions and distance between holes. Look for handles with the same holes as the old ones or prepare to make new holes.

3. Replace your faucet: Most faucets have standard dimensions, making them easily replaceable. A new faucet could be the functional center-piece of the kitchen. If you replace your old one with a modern hybrid faucet you will enhance the functionality of the kitchen in the same time. By investing in a new high-quality faucet, you get a functional masterpiece that stands use and the test of time. Note: please always use a professional plumber to do the installing of the faucet.

4. Paint an accent wall: An accent wall gives the room a whole new look. A well-used interior architect trick is to pick-up a color from the room and paint the accent wall two shades darker. This ties the pallet together without making it intrusive.

5. Rethink the light: Good lighting is essential in any kitchen! There are endless possibilities today. If you don't want to engage an electrician, there are even solutions like battery-powered LED counter spots available. Perhaps your space allows for a ceiling pendant? That would really change the ambiance of the kitchen.

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