Timeless, refined and exclusive – Black is the ultimate on-trend colour. Oras is now selectively extending its product range to add new items for bathroom and kitchen use. These new products – such as the Oras Twista, Oras Vega, Oras Electra and Oras Nova series – in elegant matt black make all kinds of central planning and design options possible.

Oras matte black faucets for kitchen and bathroom


The new Oras Matt Black Edition provides a first-class experience, not just visually but haptically as well. With its special surface haptics accentuated by the refined colour, the Oras Matt Black Edition has an expressive depth and represents individuality and extravagance. At the same time, the velvety matt finish creates a reserved elegance. This makes the fitting strikingly eye-catching – without being obtrusive.

Top quality for lasting elegance

The matt black surface is a high quality ceramic coating with a unique colour composition. This is applied in a technologically sophisticated process and offers enormous resilience, durability and corrosion resistance. The matt surface also reacts less sensitively to water splashes and fingerprints, thereby ensuring a flawless appearance that will last a long time.

Attractive range of black fittings

The extensive product portfolio means that customer advice can be tailored perfectly to suit different needs and preferences. The “Matt Black” range extension is now allowing Oras to open up further planning and design possibilities – to assist both private customers and project work.

For a consistent look, this range extension includes matt black fittings for sink units and washbasins, as well as showers and baths. Flexible washbasin selection is possible thanks to the corresponding push pop-up waste.

 Oras Electra matt black touchless faucet

Smart and eye-catching: the touchless Oras Electra in striking matt black.

The Oras Twista and Oras Vega are one of the most versatile series in the Oras range. The side-operated kitchen faucet is particularly elegant. Moving the lever to the side ensures convenient, easy-care operation and a particularly large amount of space under the fitting. When it comes to washbasins, the new matt black is a timeless choice bringing new character to the bathroom. In the shower area the new Oras Nova matt black shower system including thermostat, overhead shower and three-jet Oras Apollo hand shower is a perfect fit for any bathroom.

The touchless matt black Oras Electra is another highlight. This smart fitting provides the perfect combination of intuitive, hygienic use and sophisticated look – and is now available as an eye-catching, matt black feature for your washbasin.


Oras Matt Black shower system

Washbasin, bathtub, shower: the refined colour can be seen in all areas in the bathroom. Pictured here: the Oras Nova shower system.

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