Oras launches a unique three-step installation system that facilitates installers’ daily work. From now on faucet installation is safe, quick and easy – and can be done even using only one hand.

Oras 3S-Installation system has been developed to help, quicken and ease the work of installation professionals.

New Oras 3S-Installation system offers a totally new installation solution with an innovative fixing part and a flexible installation key. Quick three step fastening and easy-to-use tools make installers’ work easier and enable more faucet installations per day.

Oras 3S-Installation system is based on the new integrated structure. Instead of having separate parts, in 3S all the parts are integrated together.
Installation of faucets have been done in the same, traditional way for years. The plumbers often need to work in uncomfortable positions and to screw the fixing nuts with several tools and turns.

Benefits work in many ways

The new 3S-Installation System benefits professionals in many ways. System enables flexible mounting for stainless steel sinks and ceramic wash basins from 1 mm up to 40 mm thickness. Supporting plate helps installation to thin wash basins. Innovative fixing part is quick and easy to install, which lowers costs and brings efficiency since more installations can be done per day

Feedback from the field has been very positive. Professionals have praised especially system’s quickness and simplicity.

All materials in 3S-Installation system are guaranteed Oras quality and safe to use. Fixing part is made of premium quality material with high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Material is also safe against long term creeping for more than 20 years. Bolts and nuts – stronger than brass – are made of stainless steel.  Soft surface in fixing part with a good grip prevents the turning in mounting. It also works in a limited space and with existing holes.

Oras 3S-Installation system consists of:
A new bottom sealing installed in the faucet
A new fixing part with specially developed surface to guarantee a good grip
A flexible installation key

More info, visit:  http://www.oras.com/en/products/oras-safira/oras-3s-installation-system/ Company information & press enquiries

Oras Group is a significant European provider of sanitary fittings: the market leader in the Nordics and a leading company in Continental Europe. The company’s mission is to make the use of water easy and sustainable and its vision is to become the European leader of advanced sanitary fittings. Oras Group is owned by Oras Invest, a family company and an industrial owner. The head office of the Group is located in Rauma, Finland, and the Group has four manufacturing sites: Burglengenfeld (Germany), Kralovice (Czech Republic), Olesno (Poland) and Rauma (Finland). Oras Group employs approximately 1400 people.
For more information, call to Oras Ltd., tel. +358 2 831 61

Oras 3S-Installation key


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