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Faucets from Oras enable the free flow of everyday routines wherever every person can use water hygienically, conveniently, safely and sustainably. Oras wants to guarantee the most reliable and hygienic access to water via its products and solutions: Easy to use and install faucets that prevent scalding, leakages and the spread of bacteria. Innovations that enable preventive maintenance and hygiene and guide for more conscious use of water. Materials and technology that ensure clean water and support better hygiene and water safety in homes, schools, hospitals and all spaces where we use and interact with water. This is – to name but a few – what safety stands for with Oras faucets and showers.


Touchless faucets for better hygiene

The most common migration routes for microbes spreading contact infections are from hands and surfaces – making good hand hygiene absolutely vital. According to a study carried out by WANDER Nordic Water and Materials Institute, touchless faucets are superior compared to standard lever faucets when it comes to surface hygiene. Therefore, touchless faucets are crucial for better hand hygiene and preventing the spread of bacteria and diseases.



SMART technology ensures good drinking water quality

Stagnating water can cause problems with water quality. Oras' touchless fittings come with an integrated Bluetooth® technology that offers an automatic hygiene flush that prevents stagnation and can be set and scheduled via the free Oras App, whereby the fitting and the pipe network flush themselves at regular intervals. The system is easy to use, simplifies maintenance and ensures optimum drinking water quality.

 Oras App


Safety button prevents scalding and excess use of water

A faucet and shower thermostat with an integrated safety button is a must especially for families with kids or elderly people. The temperature safety knob ensures that too hot water cannot flow out of the faucet by accident. The safety button makes the faucet safe to use even for children. The same knob works also as an eco button, limiting excessive water flow. In the shower thermostats, the THERMO COOL function ensures the metal body cannot overheat, keeping the thermostat pleasantly cool on the outside.

Oras Vega



Materials safety as a foundation

With its products Oras Group wants to ensure that the water that is used is safe and not impaired by chemical substances. As a result, Oras products do not contain any materials classified as hazardous. Moreover, Oras Group is committed to use materials that comply with quality regulations and satisfy the evaluation criteria of all our market areas. 


Faucet bodies DZR brass


Soon to come: Centralized water hygiene management system

Oras is soon launching a system where faucets can be easily monitored and the level of water hygiene can be increased. Digitalization and automated solutions will enable superior hygiene and safety in all the places where we use and interact with water.


Oras water hygiene management system



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