With a reputation for durability and performance, Oras Safira faucets have been a respected name in household plumbing for over 40 years. Today Oras introduces an entirely renewed Safira: the revised faucet family updates the design without compromises on usability, price or reliability. The new Safira offers an exceptionally wide range of choices for both bathroom and kitchen: in new form, with new design and with bigger size options.

The new Oras Safira offers a full range of choices for kitchen, bathroom and showers – and their fresh redesign flows seamlessly with contemporary trends. Whatever the range of requirements, top-performing Safira faucets offer just the right solutions – throughout the home.

The new Oras Safira has been developed to fit to every use and every home. The design language of the new Safira is aligned with modern washbasin shapes: the soft-cube spout and handle reflect current design trends and invite to use the faucet. Less seams, smaller gaps and smoothly curved surfaces make Oras Safira a perfect example of advanced faucet manufacturing quality - and nice to use and look at.

Oras Safira provides a variety of solutions and different options to increase comfort in all water points of the home: The new side-operated washbasin faucet with swivel spout has a slim and elegant appearance and it is convenient and comfortable to use. It is also a hygienic solution as the spout always stays clean and dry due to side-operated handle. Due to its increased height there is plenty of space to operate in the washbasin. The traditional washbasin faucet comes in two sizes: standard and XL. Oras Bidetta hand shower complements the wide product assortment.

The new Oras Safira brings increased comfort also to kitchen. The redesigned Safira kitchen faucet is proven Oras quality and has a hot water stop and flow limiter. It is easy to use and can be set to save both energy and water. The different spout options and the new side-operated variants add flexibility and comfort to the kitchen chores. Thanks to its efficient flow rate, cooking and pot filling is fast. Due to minimized gaps and less seams the faucets are extremely easy to clean. The ceramic dishwasher valve is smooth to turn and it operates with both warm and cold water.

Both washbasin and kitchen faucets are available with green building versions that offer remarkable savings in water consumption and costs. Water hygiene is guaranteed by W270 tested materials and corrosion resistant DZR brass to maintain water quality.

The extensive Oras Safira product family also contains a new shower faucet with an ergonomic lever and a safe heat-neutralizing body to avoid scalding. Also concealed shower systems are available.

Choose Right. Save Time. Live More.

Oras Safira faucets are the right choice – offering high quality, low maintenance products, and a model suited for every room and every basin. Oras Safira saves time by providing easy to use, contemporary and coordinated designs for an attractive, seamless and long-lasting look throughout the home.

For professionals: Oras 3S-Installation

Together with Oras Safira, Oras introduces a new, unique installation system, that

  • Saves time and costs: quick to install
    is Safe to use: reliable Oras quality
    is Simple to install: efficiency and more installations per day



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