Oras has long been the frontrunner in developing faucet technology. One of their classics, the Oras Vega, was their first water and energy-saving single lever faucet. This spring Oras Vega is back with renewed design and functionality features. The series includes a wide product range for kitchen and bathroom, developed to meet the needs of today’s modern lifestyle. 

Since Oras Vega was first launched in 1976, it has become an iconic faucet within Oras’ product range. Its reliable quality and carefully considered design have proven to stand the test of time. However, as our homes and needs are constantly evolving, so should our home appliances. As a result, the new Oras Vega offers a series of faucets with reliable technology, finetuned features and enhanced design – in order to fit the modern home.

Functional and timeless

With enhanced and timeless design and advanced functionalities for both kitchen and bathroom, Oras Vega offers a stylish simplicity that outlives most passing trends. The new collection consists of a wide range of faucets for both kitchen and bathroom, which makes it well-suited for both private homes and public spaces. The upgraded faucet series is a result of decades of experience and functional solutions that have been refined over the years.


Oras Vega has the unique combination of both water and energy saving features and safety features, making it perfect for environmentally conscious families with small children. The Oras Vega washbasin and kitchen faucets feature a convenient eco-button, which makes it easier than ever to save water and energy. When you need to increase the water flow, you can simply press the eco-button and simultaneously lift the lever. In the washbasin faucets, the eco-button is also a safety factor, as it limits the water temperature. This child-friendly hot water lock function prevents scalding, making it safe and easy to use for families with children. By pushing the button, you can have increased water flow or hotter water when needed.

Oras Vega eco button is easy to use and it saves water.

Oras 3S-Installation system enables faster and easier mounting for the washbasin and kitchen faucets, making the installation of Oras Vega faucets quick, easy and safe.

The new Oras Vega series will be available at Oras retailers from April 2019.

For prices and more information on the Oras Vega product range, please see here

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