This fall Europe's leading faucet manufacturer Oras is launching a unique new shower system for the home market. Oras Esteta Wellfit is a shower system with a modern and elegant design, featuring hot and cold water treatment, or contrast water therapy. This form of water therapy is widely used by athletes to sooth and nurture muscles after hard workout sessions. With the new Oras Esteta Wellfit shower system you can now enjoy the functions of this professional treatment in your home.

Oras Esteta Wellfit is developed in close cooperation with medical personnel, and is based on hot and cold water therapy, where the body is exposed to alternatively hot and cold water at varying intervals. Hot and cold water therapy is used as treatment by athletes, physicians and physiotherapists all around the world. Several studies have shown that this completely natural method releases muscle tensions and provides quicker recovery after physical activity as it reduces edema and muscle cramps. The treatment is also widely recognized for its pain-relieving effect.

The Oras Esteta Wellfit shower faucet is supplied with three preset programs, each carefully designed to respond to a specific user need and affect the body in a different way.

These programs are:

  • RECOVER, which eases sore muscles and provides rapid recovery after physical activity;
  • RELAX, designed to ease your body and reduce stress symptoms for both body and mind;
  • RELOAD, which helps you activate your body and boost the feeling of energy.

All three programs start with short intervals of hot and cold water to gently help the body adapt to temperature changes. The desired program is selected by pressing a button for either one, two or three seconds.

The Oras Esteta Wellfit shower system is elegantly designed with a big shower head simulating gentle and natural rain for the ultimate shower experience. The shower faucet is available in two color options, white or grey and features an integrated glass shelf, perfect for storing your products. The system is also equipped with the Oras Hydractiva hand shower, featuring three unique sprays; Sensitive, Intense and Pulse to complete your personal shower experience.

To add an extra level of convenience and comfort to your Esteta Wellfit shower experience you can activate the Oras App. With Oras App you can customize the order of the different programs according to your personal preferences as well as have access to two additional shower programs.

Oras Esteta Wellfit programs explained


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