Oras is Europe's leading in touchless faucet technology. This spring they launched Oras Optima, a hybrid faucet where design meets functionality in an innovative way that will change your kitchen routines completely.

Sticky bread dough or greasy hands leaves the kitchen faucet messy when turning it on to wash your hands. This is a well-known issue in modern domestic kitchens. With a touchless faucet this scenario is eliminated, and bacteria spread, in and from your kitchen, is drastically reduced.

Oras Optima is a hybrid faucet, meaning it’s a fusion of the traditional manual faucet and a touchless faucet. You get the levers to control water flow and temperature as you are used to, but also the hygienic and safety benefits of a touchless faucet.

Oras Optima comes with one-hand operation high flexible spout with two sprays, which makes it easy to rinse out your sink, pots and pans. The faucet features a digital water temperature display and a touchless control panel, allowing you to easily adjust temperature for convenience and safety.

If you are a passionate home cook, have small children in your family or just a sucker for smart solutions, upgrading your kitchen with Oras Optima will quickly prove to be the smartest kitchen renewal you can do this year.

Oras Optima is designed by the Finnish designer, Kirsi Svärd, who was inspired by the quality and convenience standards of professional kitchens and chefs. The faucets are produced in Finland after Oras high quality standards.

Installing a touchless or hybrid faucet does not require anything but access to water and electricity, which is normally available for the dish washer.

New Oras Optima kitchen faucet will be available at Oras retailers from April 2018.

Optima hybrid will also be available with smart dishwasher valve.

For more information of Oras Optima product range, see https://www.oras.com/en/products/oras-optima/discover/

For more information on Oras kitchen novelties, see smart.oras.com

For your closest retailer, see our retailer map.

New Oras Optima kitchen faucet

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