Technology and digitalization are coming to homes in the form of new product features and applications that make professionals’ work easier. Utilizing the latest technology has always been part of the Oras DNA – their electronic and touchless faucets have been among the top products for over 30 years.

Homes digitize rapidly and new kinds of intelligent applications will make it easier to use and maintain home technology. Water is also part of the future of intelligent homes.

The new era of sanitary fittings – faucets and showers – is already here. For example, touchless faucets allow water consumption in households and public spaces to be halved while raising user-friendliness and hygiene to a new level at the same time.

"In the future, digitalization will also affect the work of professionals as products become more electronic: for example, the use and maintenance of faucets and showers can be controlled more and more by smart applications and phones," says Chief Technology Officer at Oras, Janne Rautavuori.

Various installation and design applications and videos are more and more becoming a part of the work of professionals. An example of this is the Oras Group’s new application developed for professional use. Its Bluetooth feature allows the remote management and maintenance of the electronic Oras faucets.

"The new application allows you to monitor water consumption, battery life, and the number of automatic rinse cycles. It also makes it possible to significantly reduce the time spent on changing faucet settings," Rautavuori continues.

In addition, this new B2B application facilitates and speeds up the reporting of maintenance of the faucets. Thanks to its built-in feature, reports such as product information and faucet settings can be sent directly via email.

Oras App makes adjusting touchless faucet settings easier than ever.

"The new app is a natural part of the Oras brand and the first step towards the new types of mobile apps and advanced features for our various target groups."




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