Oras' products combine timelessness and trends. Megatrends are even reflected in classical products that have been subtly modernized in response to changing preferences and a changing world.
How do you create timeless classics to the bathroom and kitchen? The development of new products is a combination of embracing the very best of the latest trends while anticipating future human needs, says Michael Lammel, founder and design strategy manager at the design agency NOA.
"The development of new products is not only about their design and how they look, but also about understanding – and incorporating – various trends in the air and a range of underlying developments," Lammel notes. 
Megatrends from urbanization to health, safety and individuality are reflected even in bathrooms – such as what we expect from bathrooms both now and in the future, how we use them, and what kind of qualities we value in faucets and showers. Trends are also reflected in classic products such as Safira, the very popular and recently renewed Oras faucet. However, when it comes to renewing classics the process is more subtle: small changes are made slowly and can almost go unnoticed as the design adjustments dovetail neatly with changing consumer needs and taste.
So it’s clear that faucets are not just faucets – and that the design decisions behind every Oras faucet and shower are informed by a world of modern trends and emerging values. Michael Lammel points out three particularly strong current trends:
1: The megatrend of health extends even to showers
Health and well-being have become a whole lifestyle that extends from food to exercise and dressing, and emerges as part of a rising interest in health technology and the various devices and applications associated with measuring our bodies and their changes. According to Lammel, the health megatrend is apparent in the new kinds of demands, user-enhancing functionalities and features that will surely be found in the Oras showers of the future. 
"People are increasingly interested in the well-being of their bodies, including taking a range of DNA tests: even Google is creating health-related software. The best place to monitor your body is in the bathroom when you're naked in the shower," Lammel says.
2: Individuality is reflected in the shape of the faucets
The growing trend of individuality is reflected in such things as people wanting to create more and more individualized spaces around them.
"This can be seen in bathrooms where there are products that are impressive in themselves, and Oras Signa faucets are a good example of this. Inspired by nature, Oras Signa is a faucet made for kitchens and bathrooms in which beautiful and individual design is desired. Its innovative 360-degree design seems to forever reveal yet another new side to its user," Lammel says.
3: Enhanced functionality arrives in the modern bathroom
Bathrooms of the future are increasingly more functional: well-being – both individual and environmental – is at the core of the them. Functionality has been brought to a new level without compromising on design. For example, the design of the Oras Safira product line has been improved so that the faucets are even more user-friendly. There are few seams, which makes the faucet both elegant and easy to clean. There are also new sizes in the series, including a higher XL version that offers additional room to operate in the sink. With the side-operated handle the spout always stays clean and dry.
User-friendliness is also highly appreciated: products are designed to be easy and safe to use, and both water and energy-saving. A good example of this are the Oras touchless faucets and hybrid faucets equipped with the touchless and traditional single-lever function.
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