The remote operated Oras Smart Bidetta works by pressing the hand shower trigger. You no longer have to reach for the washbasin faucet. The Oras Smart Bidetta saves water, is easy to use and offers the user a fresh feeling. The remote operated Oras Smart Bidetta can be installed away from the washbasin, allowing more diverse decor solutions in bathrooms. The Oras Smart Bidetta is available e.g. with following Oras Optima models: 2703F, 2703FT, 2705F and 2705FT.

Operation of Smart Bidetta faucet

When taking the hand shower out from the wall bracket, the water starts flowing from the faucet. By pressing the trigger, the water flow moves to the hand shower. When the hand shower is placed back into the wall bracket, the water flow stops.

Installation of Smart Bidetta faucet

We recommend installing Oras Smart Bidetta in the same room as the faucet. The wall and metallic bathroom furniture between the wall bracket for the hand shower and the mixing unit will weaken the connection and that might lead the installation not to work properly.

Connect the ejector to the thermostatic control unit. Tighten first by hand and then ¼ rounds with a 24 mm spanner or an adjustable wrench.

NOTE! Connect the shower hose to the end of the ejector and the hose from the faucet to the side of it.

In case the ejector has been installed incorrectly, the water flows simultaneously from the Bidetta hand shower and from the faucet.

You can watch the whole installation process of Oras Smart Bidetta faucet and its different versions below video