Usefulness, quality and stylish design have for decades made Oras products classics for all kinds of homes. Trends like the now-enhancing functionality also extend to bathrooms and professionals.

Megatrends, from urbanization to functionality and individuality, are reflected not only in bathrooms and products but also in the ways professionals now work. The ways in which this is emerging is what Oras has been discovering and developing – along with its strategic design partner NOA.

"While product design is the most prominent element, there is a lot of strategic work behind the product portfolio, research, technology, and trends. We have been working on creating different scenarios for the future with Oras, and anticipating what changes will take place in five or ten years," says Michael Lammel, NOA co-founder and the one responsible for their product design strategies.

For example, the trend of increasing urbanization means that apartments and bathrooms will on average be smaller in the future. And this will in turn place new demands on shower and faucet design. Home plumbing fixtures will increasingly have to be able to fit into a wider range of challenging spaces while serving their users in simple yet individualized ways. A second trend that will increasingly be seen in bathrooms is functionality.

"The size of bathrooms will not grow when people move to cities, but the opposite. And as bathrooms become smaller the importance of functionality increases," says Lammel.

The effects of these trends are also reflected in the renewed Oras Safira range. As bathrooms change, the Safira product range offers more and more sizes that fit into a wide variety of spaces. Their wider product range also makes them easier to design with.

"The design of Oras Safira has been enhanced so that our faucets are even more user-friendly. For example, there are fewer joints, which makes our faucets both elegant and easy to clean. There are also new sizes in the range, including a raised XL version that allows more space to operate. The side-lever of Oras Safira 1009F ensures that the spout is always clean and dry,” Lammel says.

Similarly, installing Oras Safira faucets is easier and faster than ever with the new Oras 3S-Installation system.

Oras offers solutions for different needs

Current top Oras products include the electronic and touchless faucets that the company has been manufacturing for over 30 years. With touchless faucets, water consumption in households and public spaces can be as much as halved – while user-friendliness and hygiene rise to a whole new level.

Regarding the trend of increased functionality, the various opportunities offered by digitalization – from videos to applications that facilitate work – are increasingly reflected in the work of professionals. In the future, various intelligent applications will facilitate the use and maintenance of faucets and showers.

From a designer's point of view, ease of use means that instead of individual products, complete solutions are offered: products and tools that facilitate the work of professionals.

"This is also at the core of Oras. We try to understand even more what kind of products, tools, and applications customers need – and provide them. Oras aims to provide a suitable solution for installers, designers and end-users," Lammel sums up.


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