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Developing new Oras products is an intricate and time-consuming process. At Oras, there is no compromise between design and functionality, which can create a challenging and exiting design process.

With our latest launch, the Oras Esteta Wellfit, we challenged our design partner, the renowned German design studio NOA and it’s managing partner Michael Lammel to create a shower solution based on the theory of contrast water therapy, or hot and cold water treatment.  Contrast water therapy is widely used for release of muscle tension and for recovery after physical exercise. But the new shower system was to be created for the home market, so it also needed to serve day-to-day needs in combination with an aesthetic that meet the high expectations of today’s consumers.

We sat down with Michael Lammel from NOA to better understand the process that led up to our new shower solution Oras Esteta Wellfit.

When developing the Oras Esteta concept, what inspired you?

Michael Lammel: We wanted to create an inspiring shower device, both aesthetically and functionally. Starting point was the shower area itself, which we perceive as a very natural place where your body meets the water. You could say that the Oras Esteta design is inspired by the water itself.

–Could you describe the creation process leading to Oras Esteta Wellfit?

Michael Lammel: We always analyze changes in society, we identify new lifestyles and take in consideration the fast development of technology. Oras Esteta Wellfit is based on the general trend of well-being and people's wish to stay healthy and fit. This aligned perfectly with the NOA philosophy, founded on humans and their needs and wishes. We try to inspire fascinating user experiences.

–How did you derive on the final concept?

Michael Lammel: The Wellfit-concept did not appear by chance. It is based on a clear long-term brand and product strategy defined by product management and marketing at Oras. Well-being is one of several focus themes of Oras for the upcoming years. Healthy living and a balanced body require’s new functions in the bathroom.

–Which aesthetic choices did you make, and why?

Michael Lammel: First we applied the shape of a wave as a defining, iconic design element. We wanted to combine the naturalness of water with the architectonic precision of a modern shower enclosure. This architectonic aspect is represented by the glass shelf, which is both very hygienic and high-value looking. The user can choose between two colors to fit their individual bathroom style, with a white version perfect for contemporary light-colored bathrooms and a dark grey glass version which works best for darker and trendy bathrooms.

–How did you balance Oras' renowned functionality with your visual ideas? 

Michael Lammel: We had an idea of how the product should look to please peoples' aesthetic wishes without compromising on functionality. Oras has loads of proven and well-tested technology we wanted to apply, like high-end magnetic valves and batteries for touchless products. To make the new concept feasible, we added specific electronics and software. And in my opinion, the concept turned out really good.

–How did you manage the balance between functionality and design aesthetics?

Michael Lammel: We never wanted to compromise on functionality or the user experience and worked hard to create a design that would enhance the functional aspects. A good example is the shape of the ergonomic handles, which refers to the square design of the glass shelf. They provide a safe grip even with soapy hands, and their shape lets you immediately set, see and feel the water volume and temperature. The result is that Oras Esteta appears friendly, convenient and fun to use.

–Did you ever get stuck creatively?

Michael Lammel: Actually, no. When observing human beings and their desires, and simultaneously absorbing new impulses coming from development in materials, technologies and new production methods, we are inspired to constantly generate new ideas. We always had several paths to pursue during the process, which completely removed the normal "stuck time" in the project.

Oras Esteta Wellfit is available from most Oras dealers from August 2018. For more information on the whole concept range, see: wellfit.oras.com


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