Smart hybrid faucet for increased comfort in the kitchen

The kitchen faucet is the most used appliance in the whole house and it is needed several times a day. Good design and advanced technology make working in the kitchen smooth and easy.  

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Comfort in kitchen - classic style

Let’s hang out in the kitchen! A good kitchen provides the perfect setting for spending time together, doing everyday tasks and cooking with passion. 

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Eye-catching design and smart technology - Oras touchless faucets

Touchless faucets – previously used mainly in public places – are becoming more and more popular in private homes as well. Not only are they hygienic and save water and energy, they’re also...

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Added comfort - Touchless faucets with Bidetta hand shower

We like things that are easy to use and that makes the comfort in daily life better. In this lookbook you’ll find a selection of our touchless faucets that comes with the versatile Bidetta hand...

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Kitchen highlights – Housing Fair Finland 2017

In this lookbook we have gathered some inspiring kitchen designs complemented with Oras kitchen faucets! Browse the pictures and Get Inspired.

In Finland, Housing Fair is an annual event for...

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Bathroom highlights: Housing Fair Finland 2017

Bathrooms of the future are increasingly more functional: well-being – both individual and environmental – is at the core of the them. Functionality has been brought to a new level without...

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