Oras Inspera is a complete collection of modern bathroom and kitchen faucets for all spaces. In principle, this collection has the same technical characteristics as existing. Oras collections but there are some technical features that are worth knowing.

Technical facts of Oras Inspera:

Oras 3S-Installation

All washbasin and kitchen faucets are equipped with the user-friendly Oras 3S-Installation system, which makes it easy, safe, and fast for the plumber to mount the faucets. The supporting plate enables flexible mounting from 1mm up to 40mm thickness for stainless steel sinks and ceramic washbasins.

Learn more about the 3S-Installation system here.


The standard Oras 4.0 cartridge (Oras no. 158890) is used in the top-operated Oras Inspera faucets. For the side-operated faucets, there has been created a modified version of the 4.0 cartridge (Oras no. 1003691V) is equipped with a special sealing box.

Other things worth knowing about Oras Inspera

  • In the side-operated faucets with Bidetta hand shower, the ejector is placed in the body of the faucet - not at bottom of the cartridge as normally.
  • The touchless cold-water faucets 3014F and 3014FT are combinational with Oras Minimat 200410 if pre-mixed water is needed.
  • The electronic dishwasher valve in the kitchen faucets 3035F and 3031F are powered by two 1,5V Lithium batteries.
  • The new pull-out hand spray in the kitchen faucets 3031F and 3032F has two spray functions.

To see the full range of Oras Inspera and to learn more about the products – click here!


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