Good product design is about more than good looks. It is about how high performance and functionality is enhanced by the product's shape and features, and how it all works together to support the user's set of values.

This is the core idea of the new Oras Inspera faucet collection. Designed for elegance and durability in both appearance and construction, Oras Inspera offers the stylish simplicity that outlives most passing trends. The wide range of alternatives in both styles, functionality and finishes makes Oras Inspera well-suited for almost every home. And the best is that Oras Inspera’s durable and timeless design, combined with a range of water saving technologies, provides a significant contribution to the sustainability demands of the modern urban population.

To serve a variety of user-needs the entire collection consists of 32 different models all with different design and functionality features. Some models are, for instance, equipped with the Oras touchless technology for improved comfort, increased safety, reduced water consumption and enhanced hygiene. Still, the most notable model is the side-operated washbasin faucet with an extra high swivel spout for maximum flexibility and hand freedom. Especially with the high-quality rosegold finish, this faucet is truly a signature piece. Along with a few others in the collection, this model is equipped with the most mesmerizing water saving feature available; the Mikado* spray. The Mikado spray creates a sculptural shape of the water running from the spout, making the water an essential part of the faucet design. Beside producing a fascinating visual effect, the twirled water flow is designed to reduce water consumption and to support a sustainable way of life. Hence, the Mikado spray is the perfect example on how increased functionality could be a design feature in itself.

The entire Oras Inspera collection is aligned to modern architecture and offers a system of aesthetical and functional solutions to individualise the user's personal bathroom and kitchen. It is designed to fit well with most contemporary and classic interior styles and will adapt to the room perfectly.

* Please note that the Mikado® spray provides a very low water flow of just 1.20 l/min

Oras Inspera 3006F-34 Rosegold washbasin faucet with Mikado spray

Oras Inspera 3006F-34 Rosegold washbasin faucet with Mikado spray

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