Homes digitize rapidly and new kinds of intelligent applications will make it easier to use and maintain home technology. Water is also part of the future of intelligent homes.

The new era of sanitary fittings – faucets and showers – is already here. For example, touchless faucets allow water consumption in households and public spaces to be halved while raising user-friendliness and hygiene to a new level at the same time.

Electronic faucets with Bluetooth connection

Electronics has developed tremendously in recent years, while the size of components has decreased. Over the years, significant technological advances have been made in processor and sensor technologies.

One of the latest developments in touchless faucets is Bluetooth connection, which enables new features and functionalities. With Oras touchless faucets Bluetooth connection enables the use of Oras Appe, a mobile application designed especially for professionals. The application can be used to gather information, track counters (number of uses, water consumption etc.), send reports to email and make changes to factory settings.

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The next step will be the internet of things (IoT), which allows you to track and control faucets over the Internet.

Forerunner of electronic faucet solutions

The basic principles are same for all the touchless faucets on the market, but especially in their sensor technologies there are manufacturer-specific differences.

For most faucet manufacturers, the sensory feedback is based on changing amounts of light reflecting back. However, in Oras touchless faucets the response is based on the measurement of the distance from which light is reflected back, and therefore variables like color and material have significantly less effect on how the sensory mechanism works. In addition to their sensory technology, what makes Oras products special is the highly responsive magnet valve, developed and produced by Oras.

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Moreover, Oras faucets are developed and produced in-house in its own facilities. This means that all components and expertise required to produce electronic faucets resides at Oras’ own production facilities and product development. Oras introduced the first touchless faucets in the 1990s, when electronic faucet solutions were just beginning to emerge. From there on, Oras has continuously focused on growing this know-how and finding new innovative solutions to create user-friendly and advanced products and services to the market. 


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